Daily Blog #258: Missing my blog! (With other updates from Editing Abbi)

Greetings and salutations, my blog readers! 

And boy how I have missed you! 

(Before we begin, a quick editing note. This blog, along with the four or five scheduled after it, were written over a week ago, before my internet went out, making posting a nearly impossible task. I am now posting what I can, as our publishing schedule for other things is looming, so, bare with me, and get ready for LOTS of awesome reading!)

As you may recall, from past blogs or from any of my social media, I am deep into the editing land of trying to complete Flake City, and then I have plans for making illustrations for the writing, and also some audio files, so I can make a fully immersive audio book type experience, to release along with Flake City. 

You may also recall I have been toying with various delivery methods for these releases, namely, considering just releasing them all on this blog, free of charge, so anyone with an internet connection can have access to my writing, and if they so enjoy it, they can purchase digital downloads, physical copies, and merchandise. 

Now, if you have ever published or been a part of a publishing team, self publishing or otherwise, you know there is a lot of work that goes into making anything for publication, and when you add in the elements I am adding, like illustrations and immersive audio (Actors for each character, backround noise, etc). For me, there is just me doing that work. Sure, I have wildly talented friends who are all willing to lend their voices and such, but when it comes to the editing, the forming, the planning, the marketing, the design ideas, all of the stuff that goes into not only publishing and releasing audio, but also with merchandise, production, and marketing. 

I am a one woman publishing and production house at this point, with some help here and there from friends. 

I am tired, and even though I am always busy, I seem to always feel behind. This blog, of course, takes a major hit, with so much of my energy elsewhere, but, my goal for this weekend is to catch up on some blog writing, while balancing my editing, and hopefully, I can finish this pass of editing within the week, while also catching up on the blog and getting several posts scheduled. 

I miss this blog, and my daily posting. Sure, I need the extra time, but I miss the blog, so, I figured I would treat it like an old friend and make time for it, even if it had to be an intense two days of time, versus a little time everyday. You do whatever it takes to make it work. 

“Batch” style writing, as it were, has always worked out well for me, but I do miss the fun of the “daily blog style” blogs I posted, where I updated during the day and “live blogged” what was happening. I had hoped I would get better about Vlogging, if I wasn’t able to blog like that, but alas, the Vlog has also taken a hit, but, the vlog is always secondary to the blog, so I don’t worry as much about the hit it takes. 

I am a writer, after all, so the vlog channel is only for fun. 

So, I have missed you, my dear blog, and of course, my dear readers, although I am lucky enough to have connected with a few of my readers, so, at least I have gotten to stay in touch with a few of you. If we haven’t connected…let’s do that! I’m @AbbiGrasso on all the social medias, and no I am not on Facebook. 

But, as much as I miss the blog, and I know the blog will continue to be put on the back burner, I am trying to be better, more so if I am going to be publishing Flake City on the blog for you all to read…I better not neglect the blog! Hahaha!

 (Editing Abbi here again. I was not as behind, when I wrote this. Well, I was, but I didn’t know it. And, I was less behind before losing a week and a half, nearly two weeks. Anyways. Flake City is coming soon, despite being behind. I have tons of coffee and I will make it work!)

Anyways, missing the blog, as well as working on blog entries, made me want to write this blog, just letting you all know I miss you, and I really can’t wait to share Flake City with you. (EEEP! So soon!)

Thanks for reading!



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