Daily Blog #260: Zombie Review- Zomboat!

Greetings and salutations blog readers!

Today we are back at it with a Zombie Review!

Zomboat! Episode 1
The cast of this show, cast photo, NOT mine.
From Left to Right, Jo, Amar, Sunny and Kat.

But this one is a little different! Today I am attempting to LIGHTLY review a zombie TV show. First and foremost, NO it is NOT walking dead, or anything related to it. The zombie show I am reviewing today features characters who also believe that show isn’t great, and follow some great zombie rules to stay alive. 

This is a six episode show, that I really hope gets renewed for a second season, but who knows with everything going on right now. From what I read, everyone thinks it will get a second season, but FUCKING COVID RUINS EVERYTHING. Still, the show is awesome, and can be streamed online via Hulu!

Zomboat! (TV Series 2019– ) - IMDb
Show poster, not my artwork, OBVIOUSLY.

The show? 


This is a British show that follows four main characters, sisters Kat and Jo, and friends Sunny and Amar, who are trying to get out of Birmingham, as a zombie apocalypse has broken out. Kat, who is a big online gamer, lives with her sister, Jo, a former check out clerk, who, after winning a contest at work, got a great break and is now working as a rep, pimp, which basically is a “year long hangover”. 

Sunny is a grumpy guy who has had a falling out with his best friend Amar, who just want’s Sunny to “get off the sofa.” Sunny and Amar are at a Stag weekend for a friends bachelor party, when everything breaks out, Jo has a guy over for the evening, and Kat is playing a video game. Kat is finally allerted to the zombie break out over her online zombie game, where her guildmates ask if she is okay, with all of them having seen the news. 

Now, before I continue, let me preface this review with the fact that I would LOVE to review each episode, but I don’t want to waste anyones time, more so if you haven’t seen the show, and it is fairly new, and may still get renewed, SO…

I will be doing an overview of the season, and a general review, with a concentrated effort on not spoiling every single detail…but I do love this show, so, do yourself a favor and watch it! And if you want me to review each episode, because I do have varying opinions on each episode, let me know via DM or comments, or text me if you have my number!

Kat, who, as a big gamer and giant zombie buff, much like myself, has already begun to implement her zombie strategy as soon as she realizes it is zombies, and, taking her sister, well, fleeing, but taking her sister, they run from their house towards Jo’s Ex’s long boat, because, as Kat brilliantly points out, “zombies can’t swim”. 

Of course, Jo sees the boat as problematic, not only because of her ex, but because the boat in question is a canal boat, which is notably a slow boat. “Taking the slowest boat in the world in a canal out of Birmingham!”

Mind you, considering these boats are just another form of tiny house that I have looked at, these boats have advantages, namely, sleeping and seating space for the group of four, and a kitchen they can utilize if and when they get supplies. 

Hulu & ITV2 Set Sail On Zombie Apocalypse Comedy 'Zomboat!' – Deadline
Again, not my artwork.

Overall, I think using the canal boat is smart, and not just because I personally think it would be cool to live in one. 

Anyways, the show is quite good, with the gang spending six episodes to try and get out of Birmingham, in which they deal with friends, betryals, supply runs, getting gas, and yes, the military. I would rather review each episode individually, to go in depth with each one, so, for now let me say I like the characters, I love the story and idea, and the work is all there for a very fun second season, and I really hope they end up doing so. 

It is a cute and fun show with some fun twists and turns and some great storyline about the virus that caused the zombies is also there. The characters are fun, the story and premise are fantastic and funny, and overall, this show kind of rocks, and not JUST because I relate to Kat. But also, yes, I do. 

You can watch Zomboat yourself on Hulu, and if you want to see reviews of each episode, let me know, I may end up doing them, but knowing you want them will make it easier to sit down and write the reviews out. 

Thanks for Reading!



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