‘Twas the Eve before Flake City…And the Narrator has a message.

Why hello there,

Normally, I would wait to introduce myself. Normally, when things aren’t the giant shit storm of fucked up that they are right now, I would wait for some character, probably a boy, to say my name, to allow myelf to be introduced. Everyone calls me Roxy, and I love to play on the fact that this isn’t even my real name, but just call me Roxy, because my real name isn’t really important, not anymore. 

Flake City is. 

Normally I waste time being coy about my name, but there is no time. 

You see, this story you are about to read is so much bigger than it looks. Sure, maybe you have seen the description, or maybe a friend told you about it, maybe you think this is some cute little zombie story. 

It isn’t cute, it isn’t little. Zombies are kind of everywhere though, I will give you that. 

Anyways, normally I would be introduced by some character, and you would coyly see me going from character to character, introducing them, selling them weed, smoking em out, in some cases, getting them out of tough scrapes and flying them to awesome concerts…

That’s who I was before all of this. A concert girl who happened to have a plane and sold some weed. I fly my plane, I sell weed, I live for a good concert. 

Well, when I say live…You know what? No time to explain if I am alive or not. Who has time for Schrodinger’s Narrator, am I right?

I am. Because I assure you, I do not have the time. 

Things have gotten bad here, you see. I am further down in the story and things have gotten fucking dire, and I have to stop being coy, stop being clever, and just cut to the chase. 

So, I want to introudce myself before this story is told. I did my best to help the characters, and you will likely see me, talk to or interact with all of them in some way or another. As far as narratation goes, however, it is worth noting that I got locked out of Flake City. 

I swear to you, I did my very best for Flake City. Because this world is so much more than you see and this story is so much more than you are about to read. I urge you to read it, and keep reading it, because eventually you will catch up to where I am… 

And I need you to know. 

Because I need you to make sure no one forgets Flake City. 

There is so much at stake. 

Don’t forget Flake City. 

The story begins tomorrow, please don’t let it be in vain, and #dontforgetflakecity


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