Daily Blog #263- Batching: The productivity buzzword sister to G.Y.S.T.ing

Greetings and Salutations, blog readers!

Today we are discussing something I am working on perfecting…

Batching our content!

You see, if you have been following my blog for a while, you know that when I have a ton happening in my life or creative writing, my blog takes a hit, if my blog does well, my creative writing takes a hit, if I am writing and doing creative writing, nothing in my life will get done. 

The solution, obviously, is to batch my content, so I can still do my every day daily activities. 

For example, I like to do three thousand creatively written words a day, be they blog post words or words on projects like Flake City. 

With weekly publications of Flake City, I am also constantly editing and formatting, as well as illustrating. 

If my statistics tell me anything, it’s that my reading does better when I actually market myself and my writing, so daily marketing needs are needed on social media, which of course involves even more content creation. 

I like to try and work out….If I don’t work out, my body will suffer and I won’t be able to live longer and create for longer. So I must. 

I need to batch my blog posts, illustrations, social media posts, as much as possible, so I can spent my daily time updating things like Twitter, SnapChat, and stories, as well as living my life. 

This will also free up time for my daily tasks like working out, cleaning, eating healthy, and, of course, writing at least three thousand words a day. 

If I am able to batch my content, I have more time for the daily, and therefore more time for the projects too. 

All of this means, I have to get better at batching, and I know I am not the only one who needs help with batching tasks, be it content creation, bill paying, or all the stuff that ends up making up the to-do list for a big long G.Y.S.Ting day. 

This all starts with a massive list. 

Not a simple to-do list, and not one for one day, either. I find it helps to look at everything you want to get done in a week or more.

Write it all down, everything you can account for. Even “work out X5 times” “Write six blogs” or “finally clean out the fridge.

Now, look at how you best work. For me, some days I am in a mood to ONLY write, and some days, I am feeling more hyper active and can’t focus on a single task for more than an hour or so. 

Knowing yourself, how you work, and what you need, is key here. Once you know the kind of mood you are in, you can better assess what is best for you. 

So, today, for example, I have had lots of mental energy, so I dedicated it to time I needed to spend researching, since my brain was primed, and then with my brain all warmed up, I got to work. Mind you, my first blog post was crazy long, and the second one was more detailed, so by this blog post, I am tired, and I will likely need to change the activity, to stay productive. 

That is fine, because I can knock out other tasks…Because Batching, to me, isn’t just one single task. Batching is like the productivity buzz word that is the sister to G.Y.S.T.ing. 

It basically means taking everything you need done and doing it, effectively, without wasting energy. So for MOST people, this means doing everything at once, to avoid a waste in energy. 

But, sometimes, humans need a break from that activity, to not diminish the output. And, thankfully, you probably have tons of other tasks, so, use the time your brain needs to recover to attack something more physical, like cleaning or working out. 

Once you got the body moving and accomplished some more stuff off your list, you can return to that batching activity of your content creation, in my case, writing all these blogs I have to work on while also preparing the next chapter in Flake City for release. 

And keep working. Drink TONS of water, use the bathroom trips as a way to stretch your legs. If you are like me, and you reward yourself with something like a treat or a gravity or whatever, do it after milestones, like finishing a blog post, or a thousand words, or whatever it is that suits you and your needs. I don’t know you. You know you. I know me. You do what works well for you, I will do what works well for me. 

But, if what I do, that works for me and my needs, works well for you, I would love to know about it. Comment, DM, whatever, let me know!

I have IG, Twitter, and basically nearly every social media except Facebook. 

Does this blog sound like I am telling you to merely map out everything you need to do, and then, sitting down and doing it in a proper order that matches your mindset and abilities?

Good. Because that is BASICALLY what I am telling you to do. Make a list. Figure out what you have the ability to do, and get to work at what you can do best with what you have at your disposal. This way, you use skills you have in surplus, and mentally prepare for the other tasks, which, you will enter feeling that much more productive, because of the efforts you made and tasks you accomplished! 

The key to batching, I think, is to always be on the look out for chances to batch. 

If you see a few hours free, don’t schedule something new. Check the list. Knock off some tasks. Doing this is how you get entire days free, which allows you to batch future tasks, and get even more ahead. Time is money, and batching allows you to use the time in a way that lets you have your “money” work for you. 

You CAN get a massive to-do list done, even though it is full of tight deadlines and impossibly hard projects. 

Just attack it in an order that lets you get it done, using the energy you have in the area’s it is best used for, and then, use all the extra time to attack more tasks, and reclaim your time. 

Sit down, have your drink, your snack, your reward system, and your game plan, and batch the crap out of that to-do list. Group the similar activities, like all the brain computer stuff, all the cleaning and moving stuff, all the mental patience stuff, and do them together, so your brain is already ready for whatever is on the list. It isn’t hard to read when you are already in a mind set to read. It is much harder to sit still and read if you are mentally ready for a hike. 

Make sure your batch, matches your task. 

Make the task, match the batch. 

Yeah, that’s cute. 

Go make the list and get to work. I have more blogs to write and my brain needs a quick break. 

Thanks for reading, 



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