Flake City Friday: Volume One- Chapter Eleven

Letter from the Narrator

Don’t forget Flake City” Short Story

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Chapter Eleven 

The second scan that the government did, however, while plunging many survivors into turmoil, did allow Moria to make some observations about the zombies below. 

Namely, that they were not all the same. 

The first scan had been helpful in identifying this, when some zombies seemed to have very limited reaction, and some had a very extreme reaction, but the second scan showed a marked difference in the various zombies. 

Namely, the same zombies that were wondering around, uselessly lost, were rendered nearly totally catatonic. This, one would think, is a good thing. 

However, most of the zombies were smarter than that, many were in fact constantly searching, trying to find a open window or door. These zombies were, rather than rendered catatonic, from the scan, were made more aggressive. 

Much more aggressive. 

Down in the morgue, Lissa and George were recording what they saw, George still recovering, but mostly better, from the headache and fever he had been knocked down with from the first scan. 

“The screams from the drawers is getting louder.” George said nervously. 

“The problem is, they aren’t screams anymore.” Lissa said. “They sound much more organized in thought and structure than mere screams and growls.” 

George gulped, from behind the camera, and watched, horrified, as the drawer doors seemed to buckle. “They won’t last much longer.” George said, hoping he didn’t pee himself. George set up his go-pro camera, and worried it would record their deaths. 

“Yeah. Whatever is in there will soon be out…soon.” Lissa said, her face pale. Lissa felt the air around her, feeling it crackle with energy, and shivered. 

With a gut wrenching sound, the air filled with the sounds of metal tearing, and the metal drawers no longer muffled the sounds from those in the morgue drawers. George and Lissa watched, horrified, as the morgue drawers were ripped open from within, torn open like a horrifying wound, a morbid womb, and zombies poured out. 

Only these zombies looked different. 

These zombies all had a blue tint to their skin, as if they were still cold from a deep freeze. There was an awareness behind the eyes that scared both Lissa and George, and a feeling of power that would soon terrify all of Flake City. 

Some zombies were naked, others wore hospital gowns, and a few still wore clothes from their former life, depending on when in the outbreak they were processed in. They all were able, it seemed, to communicate with each other in the forms of growls and shrieks, and, obviously, were able to work together to tear open the area that had imprisoned them. 

George looked around and realized that meant that the hundred or so zombies he saw that were now settling their eyes on them, would be fully able to enter the morgue’s interior office, if not through force, but teamwork. 

“They can probably get in here.” George said quietly. 

“I think we may have more problems than that.” Lissa said, her voice barely a whisper as one of the zombies approached the glass. 

“Oh good.” The zombies said, staring at Lissa. “The nurses who tried to help us. A perfect welcome party.” He said, his mouth spreading into a terrifying smile.

“Uh….I did not sign up for talking zombies.” George said with alarm in his voice. 

“Oh, really?” Said Lissa sarcastically, “Well quick, tell them that, I am SURE they will listen.”

The zombie outside laughed, bemused by Lissa’s sarcasm, which only only made George panic more. Surely a zombie that was amused by sarcasm was a bad guy? 

Another zombie growled and approached the walk in, opening it, freeing the rest of the zombies the morgue had contained. 

These zombies, like the ones from the drawers, were blue, active, and able to think and reason, they were thankful, too, for their liberation. 

“We are going to descend into the town, to join those like us, and our leader.” Said a zombie to them.

“Then go with peace.” Lissa said calmly. 

“This place won’t keep you safe. We could kill you if we wanted.” Said another zombie. 

“These walls can fall but I will keep us safe.” Lissa said, meeting the scary, dead but alive eyes of the zombie who last spoke. 

“Leave em.” Said the zombie who had been amused by her sarcasm. “If we are meant to eat them, we will. We are expected around the city.” He said, his amused, yet terrifying, gaze meeting Lissa’s own. 

“We’ll see you soon, child of the mountains.” Said the zombie, with a small bow, and the horde of over 100 thinking, talking zombies, left the morgue, and sought out not only survivors to feast upon, but the zombie they knew was special, unique like them, mutated and impacted by both the magic and the science. 

“We are in trouble.” George said, looking at Lissa. 

“This while fucking city is in trouble.” Lissa said, lighting a cigarette.

 Note from Abbi-

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