Daily Blog #266: A New Dawn. Or something equally trendy and topical.

It feels fitting to write this blog on the last day of the current administration, hoping to post it tomorrow morning, an hour or two ahead of the inauguration. The last four years, minus ANY political discussion, have been leading to this moment, this blog, in a way. 

You see, my life has been changing, growing, evolving, as life does, over the last four years, and this last, year, like so many other people, has been quite the wild ride. Much of the reason my daily blogs have ceased has been my own inability to figure out how exactly I wanted to proceed, with so much of my life up in the air. I discussed it, so very lightly, over on my YouTube channel, but, ultimately, in the end, the lessons I learned this past year, the betrayals I endured, the overall shit storm of fuckery, it all became too much, and, frankly, I didn’t know how to write about it and move forward. 

So I am writing about it in fictional stories, and moving on. Because I hate not blogging. I hate that I have fallen off from the blogging I once did. I hate that I literally have been writing blogs, either in my head, or even ON my word processor, and yet I never post them. Because I don’t know if THIS is the tone I want to take as I embark on the new chapter in my life. The new chapter where I live alone, where I do things for me, where I work on being my best, fullest, truest self. But, as I tell everyone else, you must write, and hit post, to really grow, and you can’t keep making excuses about “when” it’s right to do something…you just have to get out of the way and start, no matter how hard the next part of your life may be, no matter how much you want to make sure everything is as shiny and perfect as you think it should be because of the hell you went through and how hard everything is… But you don’t need it. 

It’s a hard thing, to be on your own in the way that I find myself now, but now, as I have gotten to the other side of it, I have realized I have lessons I can help others with, even if I haven’t figured out the “shiniest” tone. I have new blog lessons I can apply. I have new zombies to face, and new stories to tell. New content. Hell, that’s what most creators need, content ideas, not ways to make it shiny. 

Flake City Volume Two is well underway, and Volume One is nearly finished being published on this blog. Once I complete the free publishing of Flake City, I will be uploading a E-book for purchase, and then working on releasing Volume Two in a similar fashion. Amy and Kiblah, characters in New Orleans, are aching to meet you all, and Roxy is ready to return you to the story of Molly on the Island. We have other stories to tell you, as well, my Narrator, Roxy, and myself, that is, have lots of stories to tell. She, Roxy, has had her own growing pains, and we both are stronger for it. 

In the real world, which, as you know, mirrors my writing, I am in much the same boat. I have had growing pains, I have been adjusting, but I am stronger for it. The writing is better for it, the life, my life, is better for it. 

The future is still fairly unknown, mind you, but even that gets better, every day. Out of the darkness, light. 

I don’t know what the new posting schedule will be for the blog. I am hoping to return to at least two to three posts a week, balancing these written posts with my game-play and lo fi videos on YouTube. I have a lot of writing to be doing, some of it will, of course, be blog posts. Some will be the cooking and skin care posts half of you are here for, some will the the productivity and exercise blogs others of you love, and as always, I will have free to read creative writing available, because reading is fundamental, and should be accessible. 

So thank you for sticking around, for checking in on me, for staying up to date with Flake City, and as always, thanks for reading. 



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