Daily Blog #267: Story Time and Review of Mr. Beast Burgers!

Greetings and Salutations, Blog Readers!

Today I am doing a classic blogger story time/review of….*Drumroll* Mr. Beast Burger. Don’t worry, I don’t let the story time take forever like so many food blogs do. 

I watched the Mr. Beast video where he started a burger place, and the entire time I watched it, I was thinking “Oh my goodness I wish he would open these country wide.”

And then, at the end of the video he tells us, hey, I opened a restaurant across the country. 

Now, as a few of you may know, money has been tight, but I have been slowly making progress and I finally decided to spend 17 bucks to have some Mr. Beast Burger (only available via delivery apps) delivered to the door.

 I didn’t have a massive budget to try a few things, so I opted for two things that looked really good. 

The first, was the “Karl”- Now, if you know my favorites with the Mr. Beast group, you know that while I adore all the boys, Karl has major Finn the Human energy so he is my favorite. His option is a grilled cheese made with inverted buns and three slices of cheese, and as it is the cheaper sandwich, it freed up funds (Remember, money is still pretty tight and this is a rare but needs to stay cheap, treat) to get the second item.


My second item was the Mr. Beast style fries, and I did the chopped burger add on, to give myself a treat of beef, to try their quality and taste, while still getting my Karl sandwich. 

The two items arrived pretty fast, and was super cute and basic, very old school burger joint, and I loved that so much. 

I opened up my Karl and fries. The Karl had cheese that leaked out a bit, so it did give me some pause as to how it would taste, but when I took it bite, it was dry but tasty…exactly what some cheese between the inverted buns and grilled. I think I would like the burgers more, but I also think if half the cheese hadn’t leaked out and the other half congealed on the way to my apartment, then it wouldn’t have been a problem, and it was still pretty darn tasty. 

The fries, however, stole the damn show. 

So the fries come as seasoned crinkle cut fries with cheese, ketchup, mayo, mustard, caramelized onions (yum) and pickles. I added chopped burger, you can also add bacon. 


So. Weirdly. Good. Full disclosure, I don’t even LIKE seasoned fries. (I know, I know) but, THESE FRIES rocked my face. I LOVED them. I will 100% be ordering these again, and when I do, I took forward to trying another one of the sandwiches, maybe the Chris or the Chandler, although the chicken sandwiches all look good too. 

All in all, I am a fan of Mr. Beast and the guys, and I am super hyped I decided to treat myself on this Self Care Saturday (which is when I tried Mr. Beast Burger and wrote this blog), to something I have wanted to try for a while…and lucky me, the wait was worth it, and it was delicious. Definitively try it out if you are into burgers and fries, or weird grilled cheese sandwiches. Also, it goes without saying, but this is very not sponsored, but Mr. Beast or anyone else is welcome to drop some cash in my CashApp to help me buy more Mr. Beast Burger (or pay my bills lol) the CashApp is – $abbigrasso 🙂 

I hope you get a chance to try it out, and I will let you all know when I try something else from my “wish list.”

Thanks for reading!



3 thoughts on “Daily Blog #267: Story Time and Review of Mr. Beast Burgers!

    1. Iuno, prices are about average for most burger places in my area- maybe a smidge more but “that’s a YouTuber for you” and the food was better than I expected to say the least, for the same reason. Def are better and cheaper places- but I also really enjoyed the experience. Thanks for reading! 🙂


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