Flake City Friday: Volume One- Chapter Twenty- Eight

Chapter Twenty-eight 

Sam’s plan worked well, for the first few hours. 

The high snow kept the zombies moving slow, the wind made it hard to travel. Groups of Zeds moved towards different parts in the city, and after two hours, it looked like the plan had worked well, from what Sam could see. 

Of course, Sam, Kaya, and Wes in the radio station had no way of knowing how the Zeds were communicating, or what they were discovering. 

They would soon find out, however, with one horrible phone call, how very sideways the plan was about to go. 

Sam, Kaya, and Wes, had been hanging out in the studio, manning the phone lines from people reporting in if they saw zombies on the prowl. 

“META Radio, It’s Sam.” Sam answered after inhaling on her spliff. 

“Oh good. I reached the DJ.” Came a chilling voice. Sam paled, not knowing this voice and finding it terrifying. 

“Yeah, that’s me. Sam the DJ.” Sam said, trying to maintain her radio voice. 

“You thought you were clever, eh? Broadcasting that there were large pockets of survivors? I’m guessing you already told your listeners to not listen, because all across town I watched lights go off, fires be extinguished…People hiding.”

“Well, it is the opinion of the radio station to shelter in place, and avoid detection from zombies, for their safety. I am sure all of my listeners understand the need for the to stay safe, wouldn’t you agree? If they need to run, then the government has established that concentrations of survivors would be the best place for others to flee. If you have false information to report, you are welcome to do so.” Sam said, carefully, aware that the Zeds could talk and certain this was one of them. 

“When we showed up, to the first place, and saw it was rubble, I was willing to believe some of my zombies got to it first. Tore it down.”

Sam inhaled on her spliff praying she would sound calm. 

“But then the second place, empty. Not destroyed. Empty. Maybe the survivors left, angry you had revealed their location to everyone. I then dispatched Zeds, all around, to carry messages. Some even had cell phones. Can’t believe you didn’t think we would start to communicate. Now I know it isn’t an innocent mistake, you foolish little girl.”

Sam looked at Kaya and Wes with wide eyes. Kaya grabbed her torch for a dab, knowing Sam’s face well enough to know that whatever was on that phone was about to make everything horrible. 

“So, we are going to rely on what we do know. We are going to go to where we know humans are. I just wanted you to know that I am going to make all of you suffer, for wasting my time.”

“You are welcome to try.” Sam said boldly into the phone, while quickly writing a note on the pad. 


“But Flake City is a tough city.”

“I’ll see you, soon enough.” The voice said coldly. “After I dine on some of the more useful members of this city. You’ll be like an after dinner mint, sweetheart.”

Sam shuddered. “Bring it, bitch, I’ll make you choke.” 

The line went dead and Sam fight back panic tears. 

“She’s mad. We gotta Evac the hospital”

“WHY were you instigating her!?” Asked Wes. 

“I just…” Sam looked to Kaya.

“Because fuck zombies.” Kaya filled in. “I’m with you. She threatened us?” Kaya asked. Sam pulled up the phone recording and played it back to Wes and Kaya. 

“She was mad before you answered.” Wes said flatly.

“Yeah. I was hoping they would come here. I figure maybe if things get bad enough the government will do another scan to incapacitate them…We will need the hospital, it has so many supplies, and all the medical records we will need to find a cure to this… not to mention the only doctor and nurses alive in the city. People will need them…we need them safe.” Sam said, dialing the number for Moria, and urging them to run.

“Run! I love that you think we have time to run!” Yelled Moria. 

“Lissa, quick, grab that file!” Sam heard in the background, a male voice speaking to the girl Lissa.

“They are here. They took over the communications in the hospital. They are going floor by floor, just blowing open doors, I don’t know how. We are sending you, Chloe, everyone who’s info we have, all the info we have on this virus. We are going to try and run but…There are so many of them.”

Moria had the phone on speaker, and in the background Sam could hear keyboards clicking, people running around the room, bags being packed, and, most terrifying, howls, screams, and explosions, that sounded like they were already coming. 

“The message Kaya sent was helpful, but they got in about three minutes later.” Lissa offered. “I have a plan…but…oh god they are so close.”

“We have to go!” Urged the male, Georgie. 

“Guys, I’m sorry. We will send word if we survive but…It doesn’t look good. I am nearly done sending things…Please try and save Flake City if you can.”

Moria’s voice broke a little before she continued. “We have to go. Let you know if we make it. Please stay safe…” An explosion could be heard, impossibly close. “and kill this bitch if you get the chance.” Moria said boldly into the phone before the phone went dead. 

Sam looked at Kaya and Wes. Kaya dialed Chloe’s number and let her know that they could possible be in danger, and updated them on the Zed’s and their leader, and the horrible phone call. 

Chloe was beside herself, considering Moria a friend at this point, from all their conversations since the night of the heater in Moria’s office, and Chloe also knew how important the hospital, and more important the doctor and two nurses, were going to be. 

Chev had already spoken about how much the mountain tribes would need a doctor, and they would surely need a doctor to find a solution to the virus. Moria was the actual expert in the city who had managed to live…If she died now Chloe knew survival was even less assured. 

Chloe sent a message to Moria, reminding her that they were welcome there if they could make it, not including the address in case the Zeds got the phone, and urging them to be safe. 

Chloe didn’t expect a response, and yet still found herself sitting quietly, staring at her phone hoping for a response. 


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