Flake City Friday: Volume One- Chapter Twenty-Nine

Chapter Twenty-Nine

Moria hung up with Sam, hearing the floor below them get broken into, the zombies pouring in through the floor, as the next horde approached the door to the executive lounge. The locks wouldn’t hold any more than barricades would, but George and Lissa had taken every precaution they could to slow down the oncoming zombies and Zeds, while Moria had sent out all the information she could, all the digital stuff she had been able to find or create, to help anyone else get further on the zombie mystery than she had been able, assuming they all didn’t just die after Moria did. 

Once the barricade had been as completed as it ever would, George and Lissa had worked on their bags, grabbing all the medicines they could, along with some supplies for survival and medical files that weren’t digital, knowing they needed to act as the mobile hospital now, because the horrible chilling voice on the speaker, who had gained control of the hospital, had assured them she was going to reduce the hospital to nothing. 

Moria, George and Lissa, with bags packed and weapons at the ready, as armored and protected as they could be, along with as prepared for the cold they would soon be in, prepared to run, hoping they could fight their way out and escape the hospital. 

“They came in through the main doors and windows. The parking garage may be an option.” George had said, eyeing the outside. He had hoped snow would have piled up high enough for them to jump from the windows, but a service elevator, meant for bringing up large machines or furniture, was accessible, and likely more protected from the where the zombies would be gathered. 

“That elevator isn’t on the maps, so maybe they won’t know about it.” Moria agreed. 

“Lets go.” Lissa said, as they opened the doors.

About halfway down, however, the elevator stopped. 

“Goddamn it.” Moria said, quickly looking for a way to get them free from the box.

“She cut the power.” Lissa said. “Okay, look, enough power should be left, this is one of those elevators, semi manual, we just need to get a floor and pry open the doors.”

“NO!” Moria said feeling the elevator lurch a little. “This will take us to the bottom. Or the Top. It resets, I don’t remember which way, but either way that is death. We need to get out.” 

“This is dangerous.” George said, trying to pry open the doors so they could see where they were. 

“Fourth Floor.” Whispered George once he wedged it open. There was enough room to wiggle through, but it seemed dangerous to do so. George could see much of the floor, however, did not have zombies, so it was determined quickly their only hope.

“This is going to try and drop, to the ground floor, we have to hurry.” Moria said, having slammed the break button the last time it dropped a few inches, trying to reset. 

George took a breath, knowing this was his time to be brave, and wiggled out. He saw only two zombies, who he quickly dispensed with, and helped Moria, followed by Lissa, out of the elevator. 

Moria could hear the speakers crackling, and the sound put her almost as on edge as the dark hospital and awful sounds of zombies destroying the hospital. Moria thought it sounded not unlike war, with the zombies tearing down walls and doors, destroying anything in their path. 

“Escaped from the top floor eh? Well I stopped the elevators…Better run!” The voice said mocking them. George grabbed his ax approached a window that was already fairly cracked and chipped. 

Lissa grabbed some scrubs and sheets from the floor and once George had broken the glass with his axe, gave him the fabric to clear the glass front he edges. Moria and Lissa quickly grabbed an overturned cart and ripped out the plastic trays in it, which, with some imagination, could act as sleds. 

“It’s not a long drop, and it slopes down, the wind did the work for us.” George reported as he took he tray from Lissa, and helped her up to the window ledge. Lissa, not seeing any zombies, bid them good luck and goodbye, and jumped, followed quickly by George. 

Moria looked back at the hospital, glad to be leaving, but knowing this could be the last time she was here. “I fucking hate zombies” she said as she dropped from the window, seconds ahead of some zombies crashing into the hallway from an adjoining wall, drawn by the noise of the breaking glass. 

Moria met George and Lissa below, shaking off the snow they had landed in to escape the hospital, and the three sled down the slope, making it to a more flat area, easier to traverse quickly. 

“She will track us!” George said, urging them to walk single file and carry a sled behind them to clear the tracks.

“That will still create a track. We need to move. This will slow them down too” Moria gestured around the snow that was falling and the wind the was gusting, to say nothing of the piled up snow everywhere. 

The three moved as fast as they could, but weren’t far from the hospital at all when the owner of the chilling voice showed up. 

“NO!” Lissa yelled as a blast of wind hit them. George and Moria were confused for a second, when Lissa held out an arm, but soon saw a tall woman with blond nearly white hair, stained with no small amount of blood. This woman’s eyes glowed a terrifying blue and red, the eyes seemed nearly enlarged with how bright and large they were.

“Oh you had to have expected me. My Zeds told me all about you.” She said tilting her head and meeting Lissa’s gaze. 

“Then you know I am not one to fuck with. Me and my friends are leaving, and you will leave us alone.” Lissa said firmly, still holding her hand out. Moria looked carefully and finally saw an air of a blue hue, forming a barrier between them and the woman. Moria looked around and realized she, George, and Lissa were all in a bubble that seemed to extend from Lissa. 

“I know you have an ability to keep yourself safe.” The woman said with a cruel smile. “Which only makes me want to fuck with you more. Playing with your food is fun. I think some of you survivors may be quite fun indeed.”

“Fun! This is fun to you?” Demanded George. 

“Yes.” Said the woman simply.

“That’s fucking sick.”

“Well, I like to play with my food. I’ve eaten well today. There were more survivors than I think you people realized, but we’ve found at least a hundred or more of them already.” The terrifying woman revealed. 

“What?” Moria asked, having turned her phone on to record, shocked that there had been so many survivors they hadn’t known about. 

“We found over a hundred or more survivors, hell I found a hundred myself, to say nothing of what my generals have found.”

“Your generals?”

“What would you call them?” Asked the woman.

“What should we call you?” Asked Moria in retort.

“Oh there is a name Lissa here grew up hearing, grew up being told to fear. I am sure if you ask her nicely enough she would call me that.”

“That’s where your wrong.” Lissa snapped. “I didn’t believe that nonsense my whole life, I’ll be damned if I start now.”

“Well, call me what you will, but I will be your death.” The woman said with a bloody smile. 

“We are leaving. And you aren’t coming for us.” Lissa said. “I told the Zeds and I’ll tell you. We are living, and I will keep us safe, and alive. Fuck anything you do, you won’t fucking kill us.” Lissa spat. 

Moria watched, horrified, as the zombies all streamed from the building, from every open hole and window. “We have to run” she thought, unsure if Lissa’s bubble would keep them safe against all of those zombies. 

The woman smiled. “You do have your little magic powers don’t you.? It’s a nice bubble. And you are right, I can’t pop it.” The woman’s smile grew, cruelly, as she chuckled some private joke to herself. “You better run along then, Lissa. You aren’t the only one with powers in this city.” 

With that Lissa watched in horror and the woman held her hand up, and with one wave of her hand….a powerful gust of energy hit the hospital and the building crumbled. 

A horrible noise, the building collapsing, rubble falling. Zombies all around howled and screamed in what sounded like celebration, as dust and debris filled the already snowy air. 

The rubble was settling as Lissa, George and Moria began to back away, trying to put distance. The horde of zombies was massive, more than any of them had seen, in one area, and likely all the Zeds too. 

“Run.” Lissa said to George and Moria, and the three took off running, in shock, while the zombies, led by the woman laughed. 

Moria had sent the footage to Sam, once George started recording, and Sam launched into action. 

“Fuck it.” Sam said, flipping switches on the boards, and slamming her headset back on. Sam cranked the volume and hit play on an album, she loved. Kaya waited for the sound of music in the studio, but inside could hear it playing outside. 

Wes raced outside, followed by Kaya, to hear the music loudly blasting from outside. The same speakers that were used for emergencies to carry sound across the city, and were also used for campus wide alerts, messages, and, in a few fun cases, music for flash mobs. 

The music was loud, and impossible to ignore. 

Sam dialed the number to the phone the zombie had used earlier. 

“Oh look who it is.” Came the voice. 

“Come and get me then, you fucking bitch. You took down the fucking hospital? You want a fucking party then come party you stupid bitch.” 

Sam waited, hoping this worked. 

“Oh, I’m coming. Put on your dancing shoes, I plan on having fun with your body.” The woman growled, angered by all the simple minded zombies who had taken off in the direction of the music, and not the retreating magical nurse and her stupid friends.

The woman ended the call and growled orders to the Zeds to gather supplies, they were taking out the radio station. “Fuck those scans. We take the station out maybe they can’t do it anymore anyways.” She said, instructing the Zeds to corral as many as they could to go destroy the radio station. 

Chloe, from her spot on the roof, was able to watch the horror’s unfold. A massive horde of thousands of zombies seemed to stream and pour from the medical district, the sound of their growls and screams, and terrifying shadows in the fires, helped Chloe see their path. All around the city, zombies seemed to join the group, and somehow, they seemed to be moving faster. 

Chloe watched in horror as snow seemed to be blasted from their path, allowing the zeds and zombies to move faster. Blasts of barely visible energy was seen coming from somewhere in the group, blasting snow, cars, and anything that may be in the way, including a couple of buildings. 

Buildings fell, trees, cars, piles of snow, all blasted from the path, finding a new home elsewhere. 

This horrible horde was headed straight towards the radio station. Chloe knew Sam had probably done this to help Moria get away, and this was confirmed a few minutes later, as the horde approached the radio station. 

“We made it safe, found a warehouse. We will try to get to you next…whats happening?”

“All of them are headed to the radio station.” Chloe reported back. 

“They may die.” 

“Probably.” Replied Chloe, watching as the group, approached the station, following the path of destruction and fire.


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