Daily Blog #269: Talking walks and finding clarity.

Greetings and Salutations, blog readers!

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Today I am trying to return to my more daily blog style writing, where I talk about what is happening in my life. I won’t be doing them daily, as I have mentioned, being in the current situation there isn’t as much to write about and my personal life has also been not much to write about, unless you are my journal…in which case you have heard soooo much. 

But, I am hoping to return to posting a few times a week with the less journal-more-blog worthy updates, because goodness, I miss my blog updates, and, with everything I am doing in my life, I would really love to share of some of this with you all!

For one! I have been actually taking more serious care of my health, all around, and while I am not perfect at doing it consistently, I am taking it more seriously than I have in the past few years. 

My fit bit, which was a hand me down from my mom, has been helping me stay on top of my goals, reminding me not only to move around once an hour (which in this small apartment, is tricky) but to remind me about my work outs. I currently have it set to work out three times a week, and once I master that habit, I will bump it up to four or five times a day.

I have been taking more walks, but these walks haven’t been enough- I always want to walk more. I walk around the cemetery near my apartment because it is incredibly safe and I never really get bothered there, other than this last time when some old lady thought i was listening to my headphones instead of interacting with the family at a funeral…failing to realize I wasn’t some long last relative, I was a weirdo taking an afternoon walk in the cemetery.


“Birth gives us two certainties, like and death. What we do in between is all that matters in the end” is a great great quote to see as you enter a new section of the cemetery, while pondering new sections of your life.

But, confusion about funerals aside, I am never bothered in the cemetery, but it does close promptly at five, so I can’t always go in the evenings, which I like to do. I also don’t like the idea of walking in my area, or in the nearby parks, after dark, because crime is a bit of an issue and I don’t really want to invite that kind of trouble by being alone in the dark. 

I have trauma, and it keeps me alive, lol. 

So, I am also reaching out to more people to build connections, in these times of social isolation, and inviting more people out for walks. Mostly I feel like a golden retriever, always asking for walks. 

But, I am enjoying my time, and when I do convince people to go out on walks with me, it’s nice. I am also trying to get a camping trip arranged, with a person or two, for some good outdoors time, before the weather gets too hot to be fun. All in all I have been craving some outdoors time, which is likely due to spending all this time in the city, staring at concrete- I love the city sure, but I am from the country after all, and I love the outdoors. I love camping, especially, and the winter storm made me want to camp even more, since it was basically camping minus a fire when the power and water went out. 

This was taken moments after being mistaken for a funeral goer. I guess need to add more color to my wardrobe. Naaaah.

Anyways, since I am not walking and camping, I have been working on some stuff, not just myself and mental health, but my writing and marketing materials. I have, admittedly, had to suffer some terrible mental health battles, and while they continue, I am actually much stronger from the work I put in which the battle raged. I have been really enjoying some mental clarity, and while I do things slower now, I am doing them with more thought, more dedication, more care, and best of all, more authenticity. 

So, it’s been a good time of self discovery, and in reconciling what is being productive. Sometimes a walk, a nap, or just journaling, is the most productive thing you *should* do, because simply doing the same chores, and grinding the same tasks, without inspiration, is only serving to make you more miserable, run down, and unable to enjoy the life you are leading. 

That little bit of clarity, seems worthy of a blog, and I think even qualifies as a blog lesson. I hope you enjoy…I’m back baby. 

Thanks for reading, 



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