Flake City Friday: Volume One- Chapter Thirty

Chapter Thirty

“Message from Moria. They all made it safe, with medicines and some medical files. We still have a doctor.” Sam reported to Wes and Kaya, who all stood on the smokers balcony of M.E.T.A. Radio Station. 

“Yeah, that’s good.” Kaya said, inhaling deeply on a joint she had rolled. 

“You know whats not good?” Asked Wes, staring ahead.

“Yeah.” Sam said, watching, as Wes was, the oncoming horde of zombies, moving like a terrifying wave of certain death.

“You saved the medical team.” Kaya said. “That’s pretty cool. An impressive feat.”

“We are going to die aren’t we?” Wes said scared.

“Well, we will go down swinging I think.” Kaya said. “I mean, we all know you have some sort of magic, which is good. I have a bow and arrow, some other weapons…we can make a stand.”

“The magic I have, if we are talking about it, isn’t going to be enough to stop all of those.” Wes said, gesturing. The horde was arriving now, zombies were now banging on the walls, trying to pile up. Zeds could be seen carrying ladders and rope. 

“Fuck.” Sam said. “I definitely fucked us.”

“Let’s take as many out as we can.” Wes said, looking down. The entire area around the station was full of zombies, some climbing over others to get closer.

“They will likely climb and break into one of the windowed offices. Barricades won’t hold them back, if what they said was true about these Zeds.” Sam said. 

“Yeah.” Kaya said, leaning over the balcony to see how close they were to that happening. 

“I’m sorry I didn’t think this all the way through.” Sam said, fighting back tears of frustration and embarrassment. I was supposed to keep us safe.”

“You have kept others safe though, which is what you said you wanted to do on the first zombie broadcast.” Kaya reminder her. 

“We helped protect people in Flake City.” Wes confirmed. 

“And we did a good thing. We were our best selves.” Kaya said, eyeing Sam. 

“If we don’t survive…We have to make sure people don’t forget Flake City.” Sam finally said, the thought of the radio station being invaded by the zombies, ending the broadcasts for ever causing her throat to tighten. “Really thought the government would answer and maybe help us out a bit.” 

The music had ended, and now the air was full of only the sounds of the zombies. 

“Well, you can’t trust the government to help for shit.” Said Kaya. 

“We have to help ourselves. And it’s pretty impossible.” Sam said eyeing the zombies that were searching for an entry. They would be able to reach a window soon enough, the Zeds were working quickly with the zombies. 

“Impossible is fine. Zombies are impossible.” Kaya said, passing them each a joint. “So let’s go down in style.”

Sam quickly put out a message on the radio: “Alright listeners, as you probably know, I antagonized the zombies, and they are going to probably kill us. We will go down swinging. Stay hidden, stay safe, and please survive this thing. We are all stronger when we help each other. We did this so our medical professionals could live. Be your best self, Flake City, and stay safe out there. This is M.E.T.A. Radio, and it has been a pleasure. Don’t forget Flake City, and be fucking awesome out there. Fuck these zombies.”


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