Daily Blog #270: Finishing Flake City Volume One, Grandma’s Birthday, and Sucking less at stuff

Cover art for Chapter Thirty of Volume one of Flake City. The Final Chapter of this volume.

Greetings and Salutations, my dearest blog readers!

On this day, it is Friday, March 12th, a little after noon, as I type this. Earlier this morning, the final chapter in Flake City dropped on the blog, and it is a bit of a cliffhanger- I do hope you all enjoyed it. 

Today I am talking about that, and the day it is in general. Today would have been my grandmothers birthday, if we hadn’t lost her a few years ago. She as our families matriarch, and we still miss her dearly. My mother and I spoke earlier, and she thought Grandma would love the chapter a week publishing I am doing, because not only is it fun to have something to look forward to reading, but its nice to have reading accessible to people who can’t always get to a book store or whatever, more so in this pandemic. 

Still, I miss her, so I am glad the final chapter of Flake City Volume One dropped on her birthday, I hope she would have/does, like the chapter, and I hope you all did/do as well. 

One of our favorite pictures of grandma, taken on a birthday, enjoying life as she did.

Of course, the final chapter being uploaded does mean I need to make a major return to my blogging, which I have teased and talked about, but in a pandemic, that seems to be never ending, it does seem to be challenging to always crank out a blog a day like I used to. 

But, yesterday was also my two year anniversary on WordPress, and I know I have learned a few things from that time, including but not limited to the fact that I can easily make myself get back to it, I just have to find a better balance…and sometimes prioritize my goals over others. I have journaled about this, extensively, but much of my time management skills, more so when at home, have to do with me putting anyone else’s needs above my own plans, be it if someone wants to hang out when i have a writing or recording session planned, or when someone wants to have a three hour phone call, effectively tanking my afternoon or evening. 

I need to get better at setting boundaries on my time, and to do that, I have been trying to invest more energy in the people who respect those boundaries. Those are the kind of people I like and should try to be around because if they respect my boundaries, we are already meeting on an equal ground, and from there, we can both give to something that isn’t draining, because energies are being protected and boundaries are being respected. 

It’s not a perfect science, and I am far from even good at it, but, I am trying to get better at it. And, as Jake says in Adventure Time, ‘Sucking at something is the first step to being kind of good at something’. 

A snapchat I saved from one of my walks, in my effort to suck at things less. Follow me on Snapchat if you wanna see this stuff more- @abbigrasso

In fact, most of what I am doing now is working on being better at the things I don’t totally suck at, like writing and blogging, and getting better at the things I do suck at, like taking care of myself and prioritizing my need, energies, and boundaries. But I am working on getting better at those things, and I hope you all join me in getting better at what you are good at, the stuff that is good and serves you, and to work on the things you kinda suck at, but are good for you, so maybe you can suck less at it too. 

I want to suck less at maintaining my energies, boundaries, and needs, so I am doing things like being better with the time and people I spend energy on, working on, walking, doing healthy habits, journaling, and just working hard to actually do what serves me best. I hope to suck less at it in the coming months, and I hope you suck less at the good things you are working on, too. “Be your best self” and all that. 

Thanks for reading,



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