Daily Blog #272: Zombie Review- #Alive

Greetings and Salutations, Blog Readers! 

Today, we are reviewing another zombie movie, a newer one, that I thoroughly enjoyed, but I want to offer a word of warning with. 

A few people struggled with this film because it does, unintentionally, play on the isolation many of us have been feeling and enduring for the past year of quarantine. The main character of this movie spends much of the film completely alone, and he does suffer with that reality. 

For me, while I have struggled, I am also thrived, and used this time to grow and ‘level up’, and I like to think that is also what happened in this movie, so, for personal reasons, along with several others I will be discussing, I really enjoyed this movie. 

So, like with my Train to Busan review, I am going to try hard to not give an exact blow by blow full of spoilers of the entire film, and try to focus instead on the things I really liked about #Alive. 

So, to begin, I loved that our main character was a gamer, as I have often said gamers would be in some ways screwed, but in many other ways, not.

A big part of this is shown with the protagonist, Joon-woo, or Morris, if you watch the dubs, is an online gamer of fairly decent popularity, and is deep into his gaming, thus missing much of the early signs of the pending doom- in fact it is gamers in his game who tell him about it, before prompting him to check outside and see the mayhem.  

On one hand, the gamer not noticing the disaster wasn’t out and about in the disaster, on the other, he had less supplies than he probably could have used. 

So, the beginning of this movie is largely the battle with surviving alone, surviving on your own in a disaster, which includes, but isn’t limited to, the mental struggle of all that time alone, but also not having enough food because Joon-woo did not ration well, and a rogue zombie dumping his fridge, running out of water and having to drink liquor instead, and all the issues that go into each of these realities. 

The movie continues, and, without spoilers, Joon-woo meets a girl across the street, who is a good deal better at survival than Joon-woo, named Kim Yoo-bin. 

Kim Yoo-bin helps Joon-woo be more okay, not only providing him with company, a friendly non zombie face to wave to, but also sending him food and water. After a while, the two opt to get together and head to a floor in the building that appears to be devoid of zombies, and wait for rescue. Along the way there is some fast paced and tense moments, before the end of the movie. 

All in all I thought #Alive was wonderful, with many likeable features. While some people may have issues with the solo survival trauma scenes, I found many of them relate-able, and also really actually quite liked showing some realistic struggles that weren’t centered on strictly the zombies- because the zombies aren’t always the only struggle. 

So, #Alive is available to stream on Netflix, go watch it, since I didn’t spoil it with a blow by blow, play by play. Go watch! I hope you enjoy! 

Thanks for reading!



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