Daily Blog #275- Epiphanies from Self Care

Greetings and Salutations, blog readers!

Currently it is around 6:30 PM on Thursday evening, and not one blog has been posted this week. My productive self care week quickly became a cling to dear life and try and keep my head above water, week, and before long I was learning a very important lesson about my theory in productive self care.

Sometimes you need plain ole self care. 

So, I have been recovering and focusing on me, and the results are great. I feel better, all around. I need to do more, as I always do, but now it’s more like I need to do *this* more, as in, the stuff I am doing daily, I am finally finding a nice balance between productive self care, things that make me feel better, but are active, and regular self care. 

I am far from perfect, but I am nearly in a mental head space to balance all the creation and work I have been doing for myself, and I have been working on the best game plan to allow me to knock my goals out of the park, without causing immense burnout for myself. 

I have also been retraining myself to be more productive, while balancing new habits. I have added more content, and better quality content at that, to my various channels, and that upgraded level of performance does take more time, and energy. It also means I need to work that much harder at making these new habits a reality, and balance these new habits with my better, older habits. 

The Poke Bowl I had for dinner- delicious! If you want to see more behind the scenes of my life and this blog, my snapchat sees most of that so -follow me there- @AbbiGrasso

For example, I am getting better at being more active, smoking less, and eating better. I am getting better and doing little chores throughout the day to make my home stay in the way I like, and I have even gotten better about going to bed at a decent hour, most nights. 

I need to pair these habits with my better, older habits, like my habit of hydration, which has stayed strong and steadfast, or my habit of writing three thousand words a day. In a testament to that commitment, I stopped fighting with trying to get groceries delivered, ordered a healthy, albeit spendy at 20, dinner, and got to working on this blog. (Cashapp is $abbigrasso if you wanna donate)- I am currently enjoying a delicious build your own poke bowl from Pokeworks, and updating you all on the goings on in my life. Once I finish merging these new and old habits, then I get to add more new habits, like actually getting up when my alarm goes off. 

I am struggling with balance, but instead of pushing myself into a bad spot, I am focusing on making myself stronger, to better handle the challenges in front of me. 

For example, I how will I possibly have the energy to not only write, journal, edit videos, but work out and keep a nice home, without eating healthy and staying active? By working on things like being healthy, instead of forcing myself to work now and worry about me later, I am setting myself up to be able to do more for all of my goals, by being better able to do all that I want to do. 

This may seem like a big “uh duh” moment, but for me, it’s kind of a major turning point. On top of this, I am working on setting better boundaries, and saying things like “No.” When I know I have things I need to do that serve my needs. I can help others, sure, but I have to also put myself first. 

I am not only retraining myself to write and balance everything out, but I am training myself to have better boundaries and to put myself first, by doing so. 

I have to show myself how to best love me- and I am finally making MAJOR headway on that! 

I hope where ever you are, you are reading this and taking stock of your own actions- and if you aren’t putting your needs first, I hope you consider doing so- it is the best way to serve yourself, and in doing so, allows you to better help others, so please, don’t be like me and think it makes you selfish- it doesn’t- it makes you stronger, better able to “do it all” as it were, so take time for yourself. 

In an effort to help us all take time for ourselves, I will wrap this blog up here. 

Thanks for reading. 



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