Daily Blog #276- Sad Abbi is Sad. But happy for her bestie!

Greetings and Salutations, blog readers!

My cat, Marcie, and myself,cuddled up on the couch missing my Bestie. Marcie is quite fond of him.

Today, (Editing note, this was written on Monday March 22nd) my bestie Lenyn returned to NYC to continue to chase his theatrical dreams- His chase was cut short with the current situation, but with everything slowly opening back up, (not discussing IF things should open up, just saying they are), he wanted to head back to the city. 

I already miss my bestie, although we did speak on the phone a couple times already today, still. Lenyn and I have been close for a long time, but we definitely got a lot closer this last year, hell, for weeks to months on end he would be literally one of the only people I would see, and we spent entire weeks together at my apartment, so, with this year coming to a close, and him returning to New York, I have been a bit blue, but – please note- I am very excited for my best friend, despite being sad at him leaving. 

So, with me being bummed, I made it my goal to stay productive, so I have done yoga twice and cleaned my bedroom, and entire apartment. I also made a groovy play-list to jam out to, which is what I am listening to at the moment while I write this. I spent some time doing some design stuff as well, trying to get my to-do list whittled down to something smaller. I was going to go for a walk with a friend, but the rain that popped up may stop that- we shall see. The rain is expected to stop in the next half hour or so, and I truly hope it does because I really could use a good long walk, and I absolutely love this city after it rains. 

I wanted to write more for this blog, but I suppose there is nothing wrong with a short one every once in a while, more so when you are kinda bummed. 

Self care is knowing that what you did is okay- It’s being kind and forgiving to yourself. 

I miss my best friend, and I did a blog. Go me. See you all next time- you rock!

Thanks for reading!



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