Daily Blog #277- Abbi’s new bike!

Greetings and Salutations, my dearest Blog Readers!!

Today is Friday the 26th of March, and later tonight I get to go to Walmart to pick up my new bike!! I have wanted to get a little “City cruiser” type bike to help me get to and from the store and any other little errands I have, and stop spending a small fortune in Lyft, Uber, and delivery fees, not to mention, help me get out of the house a bit. 

As you may recall from past blogs, I have been on a big walking kick, and have been enjoying the mental peace that comes from getting out of the house and enjoying some time in fresh air. Unfortunately, the weather only stays this beautiful for a short period before it turns to the wretched hot oven we are all too familiar with. Sure, I can hope that climate change and global cooling leads to a more temperate summer, but I live in Houston…

Even if they cool it by twenty degrees it’s still an oppressive heat come June. 

So, a bike will also allow me to stay moving, stay active, with something that allows me to move faster and have more wind in my face, allowing me to stay cooler. This also will allow me the distance needed to get to places better suited for outdoor activity. Some of you may know, I have a pretty annoying sun allergy that makes going outside quite the challenge for me.

The headaches from the sun, not to mention the blistering on my skin, not mere sunburns, but blisters that pop open after a few minutes time, makes the Texas summer particularly hard to navigate- however, living in a Houston, a city far finer than most realize, we have excellent bike and walking trails, most with lovely amounts of shade from beautiful trees. 

But they aren’t exactly on MY side of downtown…if you know what I mean. Income for the area wasn’t high enough for our wonderfully elected officials to care about us, but that’s the same everywhere, isn’t it?

A bike allows me the ability to bike to those places, without tiring myself out by walking before I ever get there. On top of this, the rougher parts of the streets that are tricky to traverse become easier when you can just zip by on your bike, versus walking slowly by, without the ability to really speed up. 

Lets be real, I have short legs and I can’t run for shit. If I need to make an escape, I am probably gonna be better on my bike, more so after years of cardio training with my stationary bike- I know I am able to bike 30 miles on a decent hilly intensity, and its mostly flat here in Houston, and i can keep the pace at around 20 miles per hour if I need to get away from people on foot. 

Sure, a car can still hit me, but again, have that problem on foot too. 

But, these safety things are pretty far down on my list. Mostly, I am looking forward to being able to ride to the store, not beg rides from people, and also have my options of where I can go, be opened up. No longer am I stuck going to whats in walking distance, no, with a bike, my area greatly widens, and I may even be able to seek out more employment opportunities, or at least volunteer my time and efforts where needed. 

All in all, I am very excited to go pick up my bike, and thus I figured I would write a quick little blog all about it. I will finish this post up this evening, once I pick up the bike and buy a helmet (Safety first, safety last, safety always) and lock. 

Till later-

So it is now the next day, because the store didn’t have my bike ready, and I later learned it’s because they didn’t have the pink bike i had ordered.

But then around midnight they texted saying hey it would be ready in the morning, so when I woke up, I sent my dear friend JT a text and once he was ready, away we went to pick up my bike. 

Before going to pick up, we went over to the bike area of the store and I grabbed a good helmet with a light, a bike pump, and an okay bike lock, one I am already looking to replace, or add another to this one, to extra secure my bike. 

Because it is so fucking cute. 

Y’all. This bike is so goddamn cute. 

Anyways, back to the pick up, when we got the pick up, they told me they didn’t have the pink one and revealed the lavender colored one that I would have wanted so much had it been available online, and when I saw that was the one I was getting, I was over the moon. 

So, I got it home, ate some food, and changed into something more bike appropriate, and took off down my street, with a few neighbors looking on to see if I still remembered how to ride a bike. After a few laps up and down my street, which was frankly more risky than riding somewhere I knew, I took my bike over to my frequent walking spot, and decided to really give it a go. 

I will save THAT blog for the next one, because I could go on for a while, and I likely will, but, know this!

I love my bike and already can tell I am becoming one of those people who always want to go for a bike ride. I bet before long I am preparing a bug out bag for my little cruiser, because this bike was a ton of fun to ride…but I did learn some key lessons I will talk about in the next blog, because I want to help more people who opt into the bike cruiser life. 

Make sure you are subscribed and following the blog, so you don’t miss that post!

Thanks for reading,


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