Daily Blog #278- Abbi’s first ride on the new bike!

Greetings and Salutations, blog readers!

Today I am following up my last blog about my new bike, with a blog all about my first ride on my new bike! 

My new lavender cruiser- Name Nominations are OPEN

First, if you missed the blog all about getting my new bike, go check that out if you so desire. 

So, when I got the bike, I carried it up the stairs of my apartment, since I live on the second floor on my building, and while it was VERY heavy, it was doable, and I know it will get easier if I am forced to carry it up and down the stairs. 

Anyways, with a few neighbors and maintenance people watching, I strapped my helmet on, looked both ways, and timidly went out on my first non stationary bike ride in years. 

And I didn’t fall down, it turns out riding a bike is…really like “riding a bike” – you pick it back up again pretty fast. 

This bike does handle differently than bikes of my past, being both a nicer bike than I normally had, and a cruiser, versus a road bike or mountain bike, but the differences were pretty freeing, and I was smiling as the air hit my face. 

My street isn’t particularly safe for traffic, however, so I opted to head over to the cemetery I normally do my walks in, which means crossing a fairly busy street, but with my bike instead of my feet, so I pedaled the side streets to get to the crossing, and waited a nice long while, with ample patience because house drivers are insane, and eventually, a break allowed me to cross easily and safely, riding into the comfort, quiet, and peaceful tranquility that is one of my favorite spots in the city. 

I coasted around and worked hard to avoid the funeral that was taking place, but alas, still did end up riding by them, but the service was over and the people were much more friendly than the last group. 

The cemetery was close to closing, closing up tight promptly at 5, and I arrived around 3, so I rode around for a while, stopping as needed, or when cars were approaching- with the paths being so small, people prefer to pass when I am stopped, and I agree with them, so, I stopped when cars were coming up on me, so they can pass. 

And the one time I didn’t do this, was on a big hill. With my one speed cruiser.

When I got to the top of the hill and pulled over, I truly worried I was suffering from an asthma attack, despite not having asthma, and realized while I may not *understand* gears… they do matter. 

I already knew regular bike riding would be harder than my stationary bike, which is why I always want to hit 20-30 miles on the stationary bike, to make the work out feel worth it- but I had no idea how exhausting the cruiser could be- even on flat sections, the bike is heavy as fuck and I also have to peddle my entire body weight, plus the bike. 

My legs are up for the challenge, but my arms didn’t remember how much they are in charge of the direction we move, and the stability we have on the bike, so my arms are far more sore than I expected they would be…and on top of that I got a wall mount and hung my TV on the wall, which also gave my arms plenty to be tired from. 

Picture of me sweating- Follow me on Snapchat for all the behind the scenes of my life- Or Instagram for SOME of the content I post on SC. @AbbiGrasso on both (and all) platforms)

My legs, chest, back, and arms, along with my abs, all felt the pain and exhaustion from the work out. I knew I needed to adjust my bike some more, and I am sure I will continue to have to adjust it as I learn more, but, I was able to get a couple miles in before returning home. 

When I got back one of the maintenance men offered to carry my bike up, and I told him no…the first time. He offered a second time and i did NOT say no. C’mon, it’s heavy. Also, they are working on the apartment next door, and they start EARLY in the morning, and they work weekends, so…I took it as him being nice since we all know I won’t be sleeping in for a few more days, nor have I slept in for a few days. 

So, once the bike was up, I got inside, laid down for a second, then did a few dabs and showered off because OH MY GOODNESS I WAS SWEATING OUTSIDE IN PUBLIC. DISGUSTING. 

I hate sweat, and I hate sweating in public, but I think I may have to deal with this…if I am going to keep biking. Am I going to continue? Hell yes. I love it. I am already shopping for a road bike so I can get the best of both the road bike and the cruiser. 

I am also looking for ANYONE who is willing to go to the beach and ride bikes because this little lady NEEDS to see the ocean. Anyone up for it?

Thanks for reading!



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