Daily Blog #281- 13 Journal prompts for better mental health 

Greetings and Salutations, blog readers! 

Today, I thought I would start to share some journaling resources with you all. 

As you may or may not know, depending on how new you are to the blog, I am a big believer in journaling and find it to be a great way to keep your mental health strong, or to get it to a strong place. I have talked at length about things I have learned and discovered while journaling, and some people have reached out to me about how to journal, when not doing basic “what I did today” journaling, which is the kind I tend to do, but I like to sprinkle in some prompts as well that are designed to help me explore myself and become my best version of myself. 

It is with this love of journaling that I have combed through thousands of journaling prompts, and now I have decided to start passing some that I have found or developed, onto anyone who may want them. So, without further adieu, were are thirteen journaling prompts to promote better mental health. 

List ten, (or more!) things you are grateful for, no matter how big or small, and why. 

For this prompt, go nuts, and go longer if needed, I personally like to list twenty, thirty, hell, even fifty things, depending on how low or anxious i am feeling. Gratitude is helpful in fighting anxiety and depression, and honestly the more you can list and name that you feel grateful for, the easier mental health issues are to fight and combat. 

What are the five meanest things you say to yourself often, and where did those thoughts come from? 

Make note of all the mean comments and shitty attitudes you take with yourself, all the “you suck, you are dumb,” blah blah blah mean shitty thoughts you tell yourself. Once you make note of all these shitty things you say to yourself, all the ways you tear yourself down, start to journal where those mean thoughts come from. These thoughts often come from places that may surprise us, but it is always good to know where they come from, so we can diminish their hold on us. These mean things we say to ourselves aren’t true, and we are making ourselves feel awful, so figure out where these shitty thoughts come from, take ownership of the thoughts, in your journaling, so you can build on this and change your behaviors and stop having as many negative thoughts. 

What does your dream day in the dream life look like? – And what steps can you take to get closer to that life?

Take some time to identify what a dream day in your dream life would look like. Imagine what waking up is like, what your morning is like, how your day progresses, what you do, what you eat, the feelings you have and the people you are around. Make note of the surroundings you see yourself in and the things you are doing. Now, assess what actions are needed to get there, and what things you can implement now to get yourself closer to that life.

What is the scariest thing you are facing right now?

Think long and hard about all the things you are facing now, and if you want to feel free to journal them, before finally finding the thing you are facing that you are facing now. Explore the thing that gives you the most fear that you are facing, explore why it is giving you fear, and why it is so scary to face. 

Name your five greatest strengths. 

Take a moment to think about all your best strengths. List your top five strengths, add a few if you want, loving yourself is great. Explain and explore why you have these strengths and why you see them as such. Explore how that makes you feel. 

Put three of your worries to rest.

Think about three of your worries (feel free to add more if you want) and put them to rest. Write about what causes these things to worry you, and write them out until you can put them to rest, however that looks for you, be it exploring every avenue or just writing it out, lay three of your worries to rest. 

What does contentment mean to you?

Think about what truly being content would be, what that state of mind is, and what that state of mind means to you. Explore what makes you content, and what that feeling feels like. Feel free to explore ways to find that contentment elsewhere in your life. 

What is the habit you have had the longest?

Think about all of your habits, good or bad, and write about whichever one you have had the longest. Explore why you have had it, if you like this habit, and how it impacts your life. 

How would you like to be described by others?

Sometimes our ego and how we want others to see us can be revealing in and of itself. Explore and journal how you would best like other people to describe you as a person to other people. Feel free to do imaginary conversations of how these people would describe you to others, and note which things you like every person to tell every type of person they meet, about you. 

What things do you need to do, in order to better love yourself?

Name the things you need to do in order to better love yourself. These things can be simple or complex, or can involve multitudes of steps, but begin by thinking on what things you need to encourage more love of self, and then explore what you can do to better love yourself. 

How could you better enrich your life?

Think about all the things that could better enrich your life, all the things you could actively be doing, to enrich your life, and list them out. Things like reading more, going for walks, taking in more museums, whatever items you know would enrich your life that you could (and probably should) be doing. 

What makes you lose track of time?

What are some things (good or bad) that make you lose track of time. These can be things like drugs, shows, hanging with friends, taking walks, video games. Make note of if these losses in time perception are good or bad and if the thing that makes you lose the time is worth it to you. 

What inspires you to be your best self? Bonus/if you have trouble: Define your best self

Think about all the things that inspire you to be your absolute best self. Imagine all the things that give you a sense of purpose, a sense of better self, and make you always work for better. Think of the things that make you want more, and what inspires you to chase your dreams. For a bonus, or if you are stumped as to what gives you inspiration and you meed something to go off of, start with how you define your best self, and then think of the things that encourage and inspire the actions that best reflect that. 

Anyways, I hope these prompts help you find some mental health and clarity. Remember, health is wealth, mental health more so. Please comment below or DM with anything you learned from these prompts and be sure to follow/subscribe, I will be making more of these blogs with journal posts in them for you all.

As always, thanks for reading!



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