Daily Blog #282- Abbi and the productive Monday after a very bad night of rest. 

Greetings and Salutations, Blog Readers!

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Today is Monday, April 5, 202, and I slept like utter shit last night. I could NOT get out of bed this morning, and I even mentally planned on how I would be blogging about how hard it was to get out of bed. I tossed and turned and finally around 10:20 i forced myself up, knowing it was past when I wanted to rise, and I still didn’t feel well rested. 

I have been experimenting with sleep schedules, as I mentioned, so I thought, “see, Abbi, this is what happens when you try and sleep for more than 6 hours- you feel more groggy.” 

But then I kept thinking on it, and I woke up several times in the morning, each time I didn’t feel well rested, in fact, had I slept six hours, when I woke up to pee at 7, I would have been wide awake, not barely able to open my eyes. 

I opened my Fitbit app, and refresh it, letting it sync with my device. 

Four hours sleep. It (still) said, from the night previously. 

I shake my head. Surely I had slept more than four hours the night before last? I thought I had. I make a note to check the past few days of sleep logs, and refresh again, so I could see how embarrassingly long I had spent in bed. Surely I was about to see some “eight hours- Goal achieved!” message. 

No message. 

Four hours. 


I opened the sleep tracker portion of the app, and refresh again, before finally focusing on the information in front of me. A wave of light blue, indicating time spent restless or awake. 

“Wait, whats this?” I say, looking at the numbers more closely. Four hours and twenty-two minutes. I scroll down…

Five hours and nine minutes awake/restless. 

I had been in bed for early ten hours. But I had spent more time restless and awake then I had sleeping. 

A screen shot from my Fitbit app.

I am still in shock, folks, but yes, this is a new level of shit sleep, literally getting more time restless and awake than asleep. 

I am going to have to work on some better sleep tonight. I may do a massive work out before bed. I plan on taking my bike out at some point today, but I may also do some yoga and mat work outs before hitting the stationary bike for some cardio- Because I need to be much more tired and to sleep much more soundly, if I am to use this week to better track my sleep schedule and maximize my efficacy on a daily basis, I have to make sure the sleep I am getting is good…otherwise I am just laying there doing nothing for no reason. I could be doing so much more shit with FIVE HOURS of time, my goodness. 

So, I need to work hard later to make sure I am exhausted and can sleep well. 

But, despite being tired from the terrible nights rest, I have been fairly productive, including getting all of my to do cleaning chores done, and adding a couple to the list to boot. I also finally experimented with my new palette from Tarte, the #prettybasicXTarte collab, and I will be reviewing that on the blog soon. 

Make sure you are subscribed and following the blog to catch that review, and to read about all the ways I manage to improve my sleep schedule. 

Thanks for reading, 



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