Daily Blog #283- Journal Prompts to explore yourself

Greetings and Salutations, Dearest Blog Readers!

In an effort to help more people on their journaling quests, I am going to continue to provide some journal prompts, as I did in another post. Some of these prompts I have gotten from the internet, others from books, therapy, or even my own self written  prompts, and I am compiling not only prompts for certain activities, like self discovering or loving yourself, but also trying to help and guide you through journaling by providing examples and exploration of each prompt so you can journal with knowledge of how someone else approached this topic and how you should try to begin attacking the harder prompts. In some cases I will tell you what i discovered, and other times I will provide tips on how to best dig into these prompts and get the most from the journaling experience. 

So, without further adieu, here are five journaling prompts to explore yourself. If you are feeling up to it, try and do all five, maybe one a day, or make a whole go of it, and see how well you feel you know yourself after. I think these are five great prompts to do Monday through Friday, and then do some self care prompts for a self-care weekend. In that aim, I will put together another post of Self Care prompts, and post a link here for you when it is live. Enjoy your journaling! 

What makes you happy?

What activity makes you happy? What people? Are there hobbies that bring you joy? Perhaps places, situations, or moments in time. What in life makes you happy? Is it a place, a person, a situation? Identify what makes you happy, and why it makes you feel so happy. Identify the common themes in each of the things that bring you joy and happiness. 

What do you feel strongly about?

What are things you feel incredibly passionate about? These can be thoughts, ideas, people, places…anything you can put words to that you are incredibly passionate about. Things you could talk, think, read about for hours, things you never get tired of hearing about. What are you incredibly passionate about to the point of fueling you? This list can be as long or short as needed, but try to be as detailed as you can to truly understand the passionate feelings. These can be good or bad things, for example how much you love whales, or how much you hate plastic pollution in the ocean- it can be things you like or things you hate, but they should definitely be things you are incredibly passionate about. 

What do you love most about yourself? 

This can be a hard journal prompt to do, so don’t hold it against yourself if you struggle at first, and be sure to revisit this prompt often to update it. I suggest starting with small things, they can be physical, mental, where you are from, anything you love about yourself. This can be “I love my eyes” or “I love that I am disciplined” or “I love that I am from ____”- anything you love about yourself. Feel free to explore why you love this thing about yourself, and why it brings you joy. Think about if these things are reflected in other things you love about yourself. If, for example, you like being from a friendly small town, maybe this makes you realize you like being a friendly person, and you love your friendliness. Think long and hard about anything you may love about yourself, and try to find things you know you could be nurturing so you can have more things you easily love, the next time you journal. This prompt should help you track your journey to loving yourself, so make sure you do this or similar prompts often on your journey. 

What is your reason for getting up in the morning?

For me this prompt is a tricky one, because what gets me out of bed each day changes, normally I have to bribe myself out of my warm comfortable bed with my comfy, cuddly cat. Depression of course makes getting out of bed harder, as does not being a morning person. (Morning, for me, is anytime i am waking up) So, for me, this prompt really opened up a lot about what makes me get up in the morning, and really had me looking at my life more closely. I highly suggest really analyzing what gets you up, and what is able to launch you from bed eager to take on the day. Focus on the thoughts, ideas, or whatever it is, that gets you out of bed, and explore why it gets you out of bed. For me, and I also suggest this for anyone else, analyze why you need things to get out of bed, and assess, as I did, why you are bribing yourself to get out of bed versus excitedly jumping into a new day in your life. These answers may be hurtful, but also, helpful, on the path to self discovery and happiness in yourself. 

When do you feel most in tune with yourself?

Some may call this at peace, but I am specifically speaking to being in tune with yourself. This means being in tune with your mental and physical well being, being aware of your surroundings, being aware of how everything makes you feel, being aware and in tune with you and your truest self. What are the things you are doing, places you are, etc, that make you have the feeling of being in tune with yourself? What are the conditions or situations that make you feel the most in tune with yourself? 

I hope you found these prompts helpful! Let me know if you discovered anything about yourself or if you would like more of these kinds of posts. Follow/Subscribe so you don’t miss any future posts like this, and as always-

Thanks for reading,



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