Daily Blog #284- Multi day Blog that ends with Epiphanies of Expectations. 

Greetings and Salutations, Blog Readers!

Today is April 7, 2021, and it is roughly 5:30. I am starting this blog post so I will be sure to continue to update it, as I suspect it will be a multi-day blog. Today is, after-all, Wednesday, April 7, 202, and I have the post for Friday, number 283, scheduled. I just finished doing that actually. 

Well, I am glad I started the blog, but now it is just past midnight. My friend, neighbor, and when the pandemic doesn’t have me laid off, coworker, JT, took me to the store because I was dreadfully out of so many things, and then we hung out for a while. Once he left, I took a shower, had some me time, and now I am making some goodnight tea. I think tomorrow i will do a walk, and/or a bike ride, so I think some good sleepy time lavender and chamomile tea will do me good, and help me drift into a deep sleep. 

Unfortunately for me, the sleep has been harder and harder to get, and it has been super difficult to get a solid few hours of uninterrupted by restlessness, sleep. Every night, a new struggle, and I have often struggled with sleep in the past too so…

Woooo that problem is back. I am hoping getting myself good and worn out will help, but, i can’t always spend every day walking and biking. 

Anyways, my plan is to try, get some more activity in, because I did it yesterday and it helped a little. I did yoga today, which felt great, I probably should have done more but I also went to Walmart so…ugh that energy alone was exhausting. I think I may try and not have expectations for my day tomorrow because Thursday’s are always such a mess. 

So that is my plan for the evening. More later. 

Well, It is now Friday, April 9, 202, around 10:30 PM. 

Yesterday was a wonderful day, I spent time outside, I was physically active, and I kind of solidified a few things in my personal development, that i am working through slowly. 

Some days it feels like five steps forward and ten back, but other days its ten steps forward and only ten back, and those days seem to out number the others. 

I guess my attitude and my approach have been improving, as my goals became more and more clear. What I want to do is becoming more and more clear, but also becoming more and more easy, manageable, and natural, to do. 

I will be blogging about all of this in greater detail in another blog, so I won’t be digging into it here, but i do want to make note of it.

Anyways, so over the past few days, i have been working more and more at the levels of active i am, and instead of trying to be more active, I am actually forcing myself to do things, even if little spurts of yoga throughout the day. I have been drinking more water, eating healthier, and not smoking ciggarettes. I feel a lot better, two days into that, and what makes me feel even better is the clarity with which i am viewing my writing. 

I am able to see severalk story lines more clear now rthat i have cleared up sections of my own life, and really, life is pretty amazing right now. 

I got to see Katie today, we ran some errands, including going up to the office, (we are both still laid off) and getting to see some of our coworkers while grabbing some boxes for her upcoming move. 

All in all, it was a good day, as was yesterday. Yesterday, in an effort to beat the Adam’s curse of Thursdays, I gave up any sense of expectation or hope, and the day was wonderful, and for the most part, I did that today, and for the parts I did do this with, the day was great. 

An interesting lesson in expectations from days. I think…okay no, I know, I KNOW, all these expectations I put on myself, and on doing so many things, is a lot, and it makes me feel unimpressed when I do anything short of every single expectation. 

That isn’t healthy. If I have no expectations, I still get as much done, if not more, and here i am, happy with everything, and not fixating on minor details that went into my day. 

Anyways, this has been a bit of a rambley blog where i literally struggled to say much, because so much was happening behind the scenes as i continued on my development. I can’t always share every second of that with you all, as it happens, but I do hope you use the journaling prompts I have used and posted for you to use, if you are interested in maybe trying to find some good mental health and clarity, or perhaps just get to know yourself better- feel free to use my journal prompts I linked so you can experience all the stuff you don’t see me experience, for yourself. 

Thanks for reading, 



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