Daily Blog #287- Just write, right now.

Greetings and salutations, blog readers!

Today is Wednesday, April 14, 2021, a little after two in the afternoon, and the current #bloglesson is “start writing, right now.” 

I’ll have to make a pretty inspirational looking graphic for that one, because I know I am not the only writer who can associate with it. 

I myself currently have three tabs open of blog ideas I need to write, plus one I need to change the ending of and schedule. 

Oh and a million small short stories to catch up a universe of fictional writing. 

Oh and volume two of Flake City. 

It’s not like I lack for ideas or things to write, and I am not one to have writers block. 

Writers block for me, is like suicidal thoughts in a deep depression spell. I may get it, but I sit with it comfortably and it doesn’t control shit. I write with writers block and I live with dark thoughts- they never rule me. 

Much of my personal development has revolved around these ideas, actually, the later taking much less work honestly, because I like living even when it sucks, but, the former, the writing with writers block, I have beaten a million ways to Sunday, but I had to work a lot more at it, and I have written blogs about it to help others as well. 

The main key thing one must do, is what I am doing right now. 

“Write Now.” 

It’s that simple. Wanna write, right now? Write, now.

Hardly deep thoughts, but damn, they really do say what you need to hear, don’t they?

For me, I know I need to write, and I keep getting lost in thoughts…thinking silly things like “my thoughts are too scrambled to write” when we all know that is just silly…when a writer’s thoughts are too scrambled, they need to write, to get the ideas down and organize the chaos in the head. 

Simple. If you can’t write, then you must write, right now. Don’t give in to the excuses we give ourselves, they don’t serve you. 

Can’t write on the main project? Write something else. Hell, journal, explore the thoughts and then get to fucking work. 

Anyways, so I personally knew I needed to write, and after I distracted myself with every other thing I could do, I sat down, pushed away my own excuses, and started this blog post. 

And of course, mentally I already feel better for my efforts. Writing always helps bring organization to the chaos of thoughts, or, if the issue is not having anything coming at all, a item in motion stays in motion, once you start writing, you can keep going. It is easier to keep going, than to start, so start,and it only gets easier from there. 

When you see it all spelled out, it is easier to do, so on the off chance you need to hear this, since a few of my followers are fellow writers, go write the thing you need to write, right now. You know you should. 

I will too. Make sure you are subscribed/following the blog to see the blogs and short stories I write, from just doing the thing, and starting. Go write, right now. 

Thanks for reading, (and writing!) 



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