Daily Blog #288- Prepping for a weekend of productivity.

Greetings and salutations, blog readers! 

Today is Friday, April 16, 2021, and it is nearly one in the afternoon. I am working on my weekend plans and I thought now would be a lovely time to do a quick little blog post about my plans! (Although with my new posting schedule, this post won’t go up until after those plans are enacted.)

This weekend is the weekend before 4/20, so in addition to making sure I have all my consumables for the holiday prepped, I am also tackling a few house projects, namely, updating my bathroom a little bit. 

This process has been ongoing, the bathroom has underwent three paint jobs before this one, with the first one making the space more fun, but feel smaller, the second made it feel bigger, but boring, and the last giving it the impression I am going for, something zen with maybe a splash of industrial, but still doesn’t feel right. 

I think another coat of paint, a nice, bright white, with some basic organization, however, could get the bathroom to the finish line. I have already purchased a new shower curtain, which did help the entire bathroom quite a bit, and every bit of organization I do in there does a lot to make it better. My goal is to finish the painting and organization, to the best of my abilities, before shopping with my bestie Amber, on Sunday, for some little odds and ends that will hopefully finish the space up a little bit, and give me the bathroom I am hoping for. 

As many of you may or may not know from my Snapchat, (@abbigrasso if you want to see) I have been focusing more and more on my self care, which means I spend more time in the bathroom, either showering more because of my increased workout time, or spending more time pampering myself in general, so I want the space I am practicing all this peaceful self love in, to be a nice temple of peace and tranquility- or at least not feel so small and dingy. 

The fresh paint, organization, and the nice deep clean that comes with those two projects, should make the entire space much nicer for me. 

This will, I think, be a pretty major project, if nothing else, it will take a fair amount of time, because the space is small and I have to use a chair anyways for the tall parts- small rooms may not take much time, but they also take a lot of time, in terms of moving things, maneuvering, etc. But, it would be very much worth in. 

In addition to the bathroom, I will be doing my usual cleaning, laundry, and preparing for Tuesday. I don’t think I will be having much go on, as always i have invited friends to swing by, but most people have grown up plans for a Tuesday.

I am still unemployed thanks to the C word and even if I weren’t, I always request 4/20 off. 

So today I am prepping for the weekend of productivity, as I also plan on writing a bit as well, and that is what is going on in my world. 

Namely, another bathroom update/makeover.

I also need to type up some blogs, some all about my food journeys, like my journey to make perfect egg cups for easy morning breakfasts, so i will wrap this up here. Be sure to follow/subscribe so you can see the finished bathroom result, or not miss future recipes. Or or free to read zombie content, like Flake City. 

Thanks for reading!



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