Daily Blog #289- Quick Blog lessons about mental health.

Greetings and salutations, Blog Readers!

Today will be a short blog, as I have been battling some depression for a few days now, and I think I need to dedicate the rest of my day to radical self care, so I am going to quickly write this blog so I can impart a crucial mental health blog lesson for anyone reading, but also so I can rest well and not beat myself up for not sticking to my new posting schedule I am working on. 

So, there is one nifty lesson-doing little things to comfort yourself and to make things easier on yourself, when time allows. 

For example, I decided I needed to eat, work out, take a super hot, long shower, and then spend the rest of my evening listening to my needs and doing things for myself, maybe some productive stuff like washing clothing, but mostly doing kind things to boost my spirits a bit, if the food, work out, and long, hot shower, doesn’t do the trick. 

But, knowing that I will likely want to relax, I can’t be worried about not having a blog post scheduled, so I should definitely write and post one. 

And, because I am listening to what my body and mind needs, and because I

 am trying to pass those tips onto anyone reading them, i thought it would be wise to talk about it while i wait for my food to cook. 

You see, sometimes we force ourselves to keep going, to keep creating, to keep working, to keep being productive, in hopes of beating the sad feelings-staying so productive we don’t crash- but the quality of productivity is always going down and the effort it takes is more and more. 

You need to rest, to listen to yourself and do kind things. As someone who is always more of a “productive self care” kinda gal, I struggle with this kind of relaxation, but, I know I am burning out fast, so, I need to take a little time, even if just an afternoon, and not push myself to be perfectly productive, and let my brain relax. 

I can’t keep grinding over what I want, or what I should do, I need, most of all, to get into a better, healthier, mindset, and just be. 

So, I am going to make a quick cover for this blog, schedule it, eat some food, do my work out challenge, and take a shower. If my food takes long enough, I may do my mountain climbers before I eat and save the yoga for before bed, but either way, I am doing to do the things that are good for me, and then just exist, and see what happens. 

I hope if you need to take some time, you do, even if just an afternoon or evening. 

Thanks for reading, 


One thought on “Daily Blog #289- Quick Blog lessons about mental health.

  1. Amir

    Last time I forced myself anything was sitting next to someone in a public transport whose breath was bad. Thankfully she got off quickly. Phew!

    You’re absolutely right in not forcing oneself to do anything for a very happy and balanced mental health care.


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