Daily Blog #290: Two weeks into my 30 day workout challenge.

Greetings and Salutations, Blog Readers!

One of the two challenge cards I made to keep track of my efforts in this challenge. This is the black one formatted for IG posts.

Today, we are discussing how I feel two weeks into my 30 day work out challenge! In this challenge I have committed to doing 30 minutes of yoga and 60 mountain climbers, every day for thirty days. 

I talked about the challenge in this blog post, so feel free to go check it out if you want. (And subscribe/follow the blog so you won’t miss the next post.) 

But this post is all about how I feel two weeks, or nearly half way, through the challenge. First: for accountability- I have missed a couple of days of yoga, but I haven’t missed a single day of the mountain climbers! Go me! 

Yesterday, I did a nice long work out, to try and make up for the few days I did miss the yoga, and I knocked out a full hour, along with a half hour on my stationary bike, for some good cardio. All in all, I felt great after I did it, but as usual, I struggled to get myself started. 

In the end I used 4:20 as motivation to get me started, and with the aid of a few dabs, I got a good deal done, and felt great about my efforts. 

The work out felt great, as did the shower afterwards, and now I am on the two week mark of the challenge. 

One of the two challenge cards I made to keep track of my efforts in this challenge. This is the one that is lighter in color and formatted for story formats like the ones made popular by Snapchat, before ripped off by IG stories and Twitter Fleets.

I don’t know that I see much of a difference, but I do feel better. I don’t believe in keeping scales in the home, as it ends up causing too many mental/body image issues, but I do *feel* better, and even though I am in my pre-period week (well informed ladies, theys, and gentlemen will know what I mean here), and I don’t feel as bloated and fat as I thought I would, either. Normally, I would feel really bloated, heavy, lazy and emotional. 

I still feel pretty damn lazy, and yes I have cried over zombie deaths four times this week and it’s only Monday afternoon, BUT I do not feel as bloated and heavy, and, really, I don’t feel as lazy as usual. 

I don’t want to work out *right now* but I know I will do so, in the next few hours. I am planning for after I go to the store with my friend to get groceries, but I will likely do the mountain climbers before hand, as a way of getting myself moving and feeling good, before I go to the store.

And because I have learned it is best to lightly stretch, I will still end up stretching for ten minutes prior to the mountain climbers, which really is a good thing because it gets me doing more activity throughout the day. Really, this challenge has, thus far, been pretty for me, because it gets me moving, holds me accountable, isn’t impossible, and the extra benefits I am seeing, like feeling better, are nothing to the extra bit of mental health aid I am getting from the activity. I am far from the person who says working out can cure your depression and anxiety, but I will admit that being physical and having daily activity in your life does make it more manageable for me, and I am enjoying that benefit most of all. 

I do think this challenge will lead to be having some physical benefits by the end of the month, but I think one of the biggest lasted impacts will be me deciding to do more challenges like this where I do an activity or two every single day, and build other work outs off of that, to keep myself doing something every day, even something simple like yoga and a high intensity quick thing like mountain climbers, makes me feel better and will likely help me with my physical health, and mental health, long term. 

And that is where I am at, two weeks into my thirty day challenge! Make sure you are following/subscribed you so don’t miss how this challenge ends and any future ones I end up doing. Feel free to join along with me, I will keep blank copies of all the challenges on my social media pages for you to use for your own journey- @AbbiGrasso on all social medias I am on (basically everything except Facebook).

Thanks for reading!



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