Daily Blog #294: Doing what serves my higher needs all week

Greetings and Salutations, Blog Readers!

It is currently just past midnight on Sunday night, and I am preparing myself for the upcoming week. I thought, since i was working hard to set my intention for the week, I would maybe do a quick blog about my plans for the coming week! 

My plans are mostly to catch up on the writing I haven’t done- I started last week strong and fell off horribly, finally rebounding a little, and now I am preparing to dive back into my content making game, not just my content making on the blog, but across all the mediums, but, before all of that, my main goal for the week, is simply to do things all week that are good for me and serve my higher needs. 

And, since one of the things I did *not* do this weekend, was the daily blog update post I meant to write, I figured why  not end my Sunday plans strong, and set my intention for this upcoming week, with a good action. 

So, my plans for the week are as follows:

I will continue my work out challenge every day, and try to squeeze in a walk or two when time and weather allows. 

I will eat healthy meals, or at least continue to do meatless, and also try to make the meals I eat mostly healthy. 

I will catch up on my writing, including my massive to do list of blogs to batch. 

I will also get those batched blogs scheduled and illustrated. 

I will not smoke cigarettes. I know I will likely smoke some when my mom comes to visit, but I will not be smoking this week. If I keep smoking, I am back to being a smoker, ergo, no more smoking. Need to save my lungs for cannabis. 

I will make social choices that serve my best interests, including who I allow to take up my precious social time. With the amount of writing and content creation I have on my plate right now, I have to be selective with my time and with the energies I allow to occupy that time. I know I struggle to set boundaries with my friends, but this week, I will have to do so, and make sure I achieve my goals. This doesn’t mean I won’t save space and time for each of my friends, but it means I have to be careful with my time and not waste it, which will also ensure I have quality time spent with my friends. This is very much serving my higher goals, but also respecting of my friends and their efforts, as well. 

I want to make sure that not only am I surrounding myself with good friends, but that I am being a good friend to have in the circle. 

Those are my intentions and goals for the week, and my hope is that being productive will manifest the extra money I will need to make it through this month, due to some unexpected expenses. Either way, I will be productively moving forward because why bother with anything but trying to be our best selves, moving forward, and making choices that serve our higher goals and ambitions? 

Thanks for reading,



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