Daily Blog #295: Thirty Day work out Challenge ends- or is it only extending?

Greetings and Salutations, Blog Readers!

Today we are talking about my thirty day work out challenge I am approaching the end of, and what my next challenge should be. 

The final card, mountain climbers every day, yoga, not so much.

If you didn’t know from my past few blogs discussing it, I have been doing a thirty day work out challenge, where I have challenged myself to do sixty mountain climbers every day, and thirty minutes of yoga, every day, for thirty days. 

I haven’t done great at the yoga, in fact, we can probably say I have failed the yoga half the damn time, but I have NOT missed my mountain climbers, not one day, not even when depressed, or my period, or hungover. 

But now I am looking forward to my next thirty day challenge, wondering which challenge I should do. 

I think I may keep the sixty mountain climbers going for another thirty days, so I can do sixty mountain climbers every day for 60 days, which has a nice symmetry to it. 

But, I do feel I should try and work something else into the next thirty days. Part of me says to do the yoga, again, but force myself to actually do it, but, I also want something I can do, every day, even when my energy is low. I do like how easy it is to force myself to do the mountain climbers. 

So, something I can do as quickly, with the same high intensity benefits if Mountain Climbers, would be ideal. 

There are several work out options I could add. Maybe sixty pushups, to get my arms actually working out once in a while. Maybe do the jumping jacks I was trying to avoid when I started the mountain climbers challenge. 

Maybe I double down on the yoga? Maybe change it to stretching, so every day, no matter what, I at least stretch? My hip flexors are hopeful for the successful completion of that challenge, I can say that. 

All of this musing to say, it has been days of me thinking of what my next big workout challenge should be, and now it is the final day of my current challenge, and I need to decide on a new one. 

Some considerations to worry about include traveling to Tennessee to see my family, my mother coming to visit before hand, and my friend Lenyn staying before, during, and after, said trip, so, working out in general will be tricky enough, as I don’t like to work out in front of people. 

The mountain climbers can be done fairly quickly, and as I have mentioned I like the idea of doing them for another sixty days to make it a sixty mountain climbers for sixty days challenge. 

But for the next thirty days, what activity should join it? As I sit here, my body is aching, and it seems I always need more stretching in my life, so I think this is where I will land. 

I will ditch the attempts at yoga, and instead sub in stretching, but with my goal being two 15 minute or less stretching sessions, once in the morning, once in the evening, along with the sixty mountain climbers, every day, and see if maybe I can stick to that better than I stuck to the yoga. My goal here is to not only succeed in the challenge, but to also create a new, healthy, permanent change to my lifestyle, that creates a better life. 

So stretching daily seems a good way to do the challenge, and also achieve the goals. 

And that is what I have been all about lately, making permanent, sustainable changes that allow for me to live a better, healthier life, closer to the one i want to lead. 

Let me know if you want to join me in this challenge, or maybe you only want to do the mountain climbers- either way comment below or connect on social media (@AbbiGrasso– I’m on about everything except Facebook) so we can hold each-other accountable for the positive changes we are trying to create in our lives. 

Thanks for reading, 



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