Daily Blog #296: How to batch some blog posts/writing/content

Greetings and salutations, blog readers!

Today we are talking about blog planning! 

A few people have reached out to me and asked me about my planning process when it comes to my blogging, and since I am actually getting ready to make a back supply of blogs for future posts, using my batching method, an extension of my G.Y.S.T.ing method. 

I have three main ways I go about my blog content. There is the writing the day before the post goes live, method, which is my least favorite, but does have a time and a place, which I will get into shortly. 

The second method is to batch, massive amounts of content, anything from a weeks worth to several months worth, and schedule the posts out. This works well for serialized releases, like with Flake City. Sometimes, with Flake City, I would have to the posts each week, formatting them for the blog and such, but I much preferred the batch method, doing ten or so chapters at a time, long in advance. My goal for Flake City Volume Two is to actually schedule the entire volume before going live, something i should have done when i published the first volume. Live and learn, I suppose. 

The third method is a hybrid of these two methods, and I think this may be my new operational normal, as I move forward with the blog. This method is to schedule the blog posts several weeks, months when i have the content, in advanced. 

Now, for usual readers of the blog, you will maybe wonder how i could do that kind of scheduled content, and still stick to my daily blogger stuff, where I talk about my everyday life, and lessons I observe and see, which, is some of my favorite kind of content for vloggers and bloggers, and definitely for my blog. 

But if I make custom covers for each and every blog post, and schedule them weeks in advance, how can I inject a numbered daily blog in? Do I go to regular content and daily blog content, splitting the content once more, even though I really don’t care for that?

Hell no. This is MY blog, I am only confined to my own rules, and I make them myself. 

No, I want to do my daily blog numbering system, and keep batching content in advanced, and keep my numbering system. 

So my solution is as follows: I will make my content, using my batch method, which i can’t always do but I will be trying to do, and my daily life blog content will be covered in posts posted between the planned, batched content. 

“But how? How do that and keep the number system?”

Simple. Daily Blog #??? and 1/2. I can keep the number system just as I wish, by making the daily blogs I add in between the planned content as “half” numbers. 

This allows me to keep the content on my blog flowing, as planned, and keeping my daily blog content for my daily life, also flowing, with the same numbering structure I like, and keeping my covers labeled the way I like. 


So, the methods are simple- In my case I made a giant list of nearly thirty topics I want to cover and write about on the blog, everything from a new CBD cleanser I want to review, a survivalist experiment involving your own water-poof matches, and a ton more content everyone seems to love. 

Then, with my brain fresh, I grab a topic, and start writing. I wish there was some cool tip or hack for this, but really, most writers will tell you, the trick is sitting down and writing. Just start writing, and then keep doing it. I start with “greetings and salutations” And keep witting, so grab a little opening line if you need to, and start writing. Write a sentence, then another, and then form a post. Then keep writing. Once I do this with the first post, normally something I can easily write about, I then grab another, and another…and I try to write at least three, six if they are shorter, per sitting or batch. I tend to tackle harder topics when I have the energy, and stick to easier ones when the energy is low. I can sometimes get as many as ten before I need to walk away. Whenever you need to take a break from the batch, go take pictures for illustrating the blog, make your graphics, or edit something. I point is, when your brain can no longer handle writing, move to another task to finish the batch, before returning. For some people, you may need to do the next round of batching on another day, some may need a quick walk to clear their head, while others may need longer. As you train your muscles, you will be able to do more posts before getting too tired. 

Once you have completed a chunk of your list, you need to go back and edit your posts, format and upload them. add any links or illustrations, graphics and cover, and of course, schedule your post. You may also want to schedule any social media to support your post, if you do that sort of thing. 

This will give you an idea of how much time you have to make another massive list of topics. This list should be kept on you at all times so you can add ideas to it. It’s okay if ten of those thirty ideas are trash, you still get twenty good ones to make amazing blog posts from. 

And voila, just like that, you have a bunch of completed posts, edited, formatted, illustrated, and scheduled, and you are off to work on more brilliant posts. I’m off to tackle this massive list of thirty posts I have been drafting for three days. 

Share your blog page down below if you found this batch method helpful for you! Lets connect on social media- @abbigrasso on all the socials I am on. 

Thanks for reading,



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