Daily Blog #297: Zombie Reviews- Cooties

Greetings and Salutations, Blog Readers!

Today we are doing a little review on a truly adorable movie, which is a frequent “light watching” zombie movie I put on for when I want something light, not too serious, with random cameos from hilarious actors: Cooties. 

Movie poster for Cooties

You can also watch Cooties on YouTube, free of charge, at the time of this review. 

Cooties is hilarious. The entire premise makes me laugh my ass off, starting with actors you will know from The Office and The Hobbit, along with 30 Rock, and a whole bunch others, are playing people who may be the worst teachers ever, dealing with a zombie virus that only infects children, children who have not entered puberty, from a contaminated chicken nuggets.

Now, true to my new way of doing reviews, I am trying to not give away every single detail that occurs in the movie, but, I do want to encourage you to want to watch it. This movie has some real merit to it, with real characters having real issues, and, the children being zombies gives way to many hilarious moments…because c’mon, kids are terrifying after all. But it is more of a light hearted comedy than serious zombie film, for sure. 

This movie is fun, and honestly, has a lot of good ole fashion zombie movie tropes, and, in that regard, this movie has some notable things to mention. 

The main one? If zombies are supposed to be a type of societal issue, and children are the only ones able to be infected with the virus, what kind of commentary is that? 

One that I am absolutely here for. But, that would be a different blog, and one that I am glad to write, so comment below if you want that blog. It would require a massive deep dive, and would surely derail this particular blog, meant to merely lightly review and suggest the movie. 

This movie has a good build, and, something I really loved, an explanation, vaguely scientific even, of the virus, within the first day, mere hours, of infection, given by a science/health teacher who had the presence of mind to examine. I love that. Even though they didn’t see the introduction to the infected chicken nuggets that we saw, the character did figure out how it all worked overall. 

This movie also has some of my favorite tropes, (spoilers) including the “he’s not dead and he saves the day” moment. If you don’t know this about me? This is easily one of my favorite things in movies. 

The ending is a bit abrupt, to me, as soon as I am fully committed, it ends, but, it doesn’t end sadly, in fact everyone you grew to love, lives, and in the end it is fairly heart warming, and even though you may enjoy the kids being zombies, if you don’t like that, it’s okay, because of the restrictive laws regarding child actors, you can’t actually see violence against children, so you can focus on the fun and inventive ways the got around defending themselves from zombie children when you can’t be shown being violent with children. This speaks more to the film making but it is still pretty darn cool, I think. 

The downsides, because i suppose i should also speak to those, are plenty of moments could easily be deemed cheesy or annoyingly stupid, it definitely isn’t something to watch if those things bother you, but it may be funny if you like things…well frankly if you liked The Office, 30 Rock, etc? You will probably enjoy the stupid. Otherwise, you may find it annoying, but if you didn’t like one or both of those shows, but really like comedic zombie movies, this is still worth the time. It is, admittedly, short as fuck, so you can easily watch it, and not feel you wasted too much time if you didn’t like it. 

It does end too abruptly, which I mentioned, and it definitely sucks to me because right as you get invested, it ends, which I hate. But, it doesn’t end with everyone assumed dead or about to die, and I like that a lot. 

The timing of the virus is off, which most movies have wrong with it, and sometimes things happen despite all evidence to the contrary, but, again, many zombie movies use this for moving a story along, and I am also hyper critical of these details, which is why I try to give only positive reviews that focus on the positives. 

Anyways, I don’t want to give away too much, and it is a bit short, as mentioned, so go give it a watch and see for yourself why this movie is fucking hilarious! Also, fairly wholesome and heartwarming, if you don’t mind zombie children being killed by Dwight and Frodo. 

Thanks for Reading!



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