Daily Blog #298: Life comes at you fast so I am surrendering myself to the universe

Greetings and Salutations!

It has been a week since my last blog post, longer still since my last daily blog style post, and even longer still since I have been talking about my life and what I have going on in my life, professionally and personally. 

Some of this has been due to a lack of updates to give, and other parts of it have been not having updates I want to offer the world, or, the world that is people who read this blog. But, my life is moving, and in the past few weeks, changes have been coming to it- changes I welcome and embrace. I won’t be speaking on all of these changes, immediately, but I do think soon, soon I will likely be talking about many of these changes. 

Some of the changes include me extending my job search to other states, and also making a resume that is built with the dream job in mind, versus crafted with the job I am applying for, in mind, in an effort to manifest the kind of day job that I am going to be happy and comfortable in, while also able to thrive.

Sure, my ideal job would be something from home, working for myself, but, for the purposes of finding a job to let me continue to live, I am making a list and manifesting a good job I can be happy in. I would, ideally, like to work in cannabis, but, I do know that I have to extend my job search, and I have several skills I would like to use and call upon, that would help not only myself grow, but help a company who needs that sort of help, offered to them. 

I want to be happy where ever I end up. It has become clear to me that Houston just isn’t going to be my home forever, which kind of sucks, but it is what it is. The universe has other plans for me, and I surrender myself unto it. This is something I have been working on, and, honestly, the more and more I do that, surrender myself unto what it is the universe has planned for me, the happier and more at peace I have been. I can’t fight it, and trying to fight things, force them, it all stresses me out. Fuck that. 

 In addition to being in the midst of changes in my life, I also traveled recently to visit family, and have more travel in the horizon, some of which is job related, some of which is personal. All in all, there should be plenty of blogs coming, and soon, but at the moment, they may have to be more sporadic, due to my job search. I have something like thirty blog posts saved up, from one of my recent batches, so I will hopefully be editing, formatting, illustrating and scheduling those this week to get that all out on the blog and hopefully help my posting be more consistent in the coming weeks of life changes, but, if i don’t, I ask you all be patient…it’s been a crazy year and some change for everyone, and now it is looking to be crazier in a different way. 

But, that is okay- I have committed myself to “power moves only, Babe” and I plan to stick to that, I every way. 

Thanks for Reading, 



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