Daily Blog #301: Flight home from ATL, and how being your best self isn’t just for the apocalypse.

Greetings and Salutations, Blog Readers!

I am on my flight back to Houston, and regardless of the asshole insisting on putting his seat back, I am typing on my laptop.

The clouds looked cool so I took a bunch of footage and pictures- Feel free to check out my YouTube page- I have video’s I’ll be posting that aren’t the usual gaming content but are instead flight and travel videos. (Image Description: Fluffy rippling clouds, as seen from above the cloud line in the plane)

Honestly, why the fuck do people put their seats back? No, really, I am genuinely asking here, because like, its so LITTLE for the person putting their seat back, and SO MUCH LESS SPACE for the person you push your seat back onto. 

It makes no sense and flies in the face of all reason, to just insist on putting your seat back. To me, you get MAYBE an inch of a recline, but in doing that tiny bit of recline, the person behind you is now greatly hindered on space, to say nothing of tray use. 

Image description: black background blood splattered with text: Be your best self- because the apocalypse is no time to be an asshole.

Anyways, I don’t want this post to be me bitching about people putting their seats back on a plane, but, once again, just like in my last post, I do wonder why people bother when it does nothing to them and hurts others so much. 

Maybe it’s me, maybe I took the golden rule too seriously or something, but it seems to me we could all stand to do better at caring about fellow humans. We all do things, directly and indirectly, that can impact other people, so why not make every action you have control over, be done that helps other people, versus hurts them? Why not have your daily impact be something you can be proud of, knowing you helped make fellow humans have a decent day. 

We all know how much our small interactions with people can influence moods, and I have found it is easier to keep a good mood when you are putting your best foot forward, making an actual effort to be a good person to your fellow humans. Sure, you may get annoyed when your fellow humans decide they don’t want to be their best selves, but at least YOU know, YOU are being your best self. 

It’s not the first rule of survival, for me, Flake City, or TEOTWAWKI preppers, but, I DO think this rule SHOULD be everyone’s main rule for not only survival, but for life. 

Be your best self. 

We have so much hatred, hurt, pain, and negative nonsense in this world around us, not to mention the goddamn planet is on fucking fire and the oceans are being killed by the second. Why add ANY MORE toxicity into that pool? 

Image description: My Delta cookies and orange juice. Tasty.

Anyways, I just got my snacks for my flight, we have a peanut allergy on board (not me, although I do have a mild peanut allergy, but as you may know, I risk it all the time) so we are only allowed the cookies, no nuts, but, oh well, the orange juice I got is delicious and the cookies I was given are wonderful. 

This has been my first time flying in a good long while, and Delta has, admittedly, made it quite lovely. I think honestly I may review the whole experience for a future blog post, and to help anyone who may be having to fly soon, as the country races to open back up. The whole experience has been nice, to see the changes made for safety and also just how things work, so, maybe I will do that review soon for you all. 

Maybe after I eat these cookies and juice. 

But for now, I think I will wrap this post up by saying to please, try to be your best self, you never know when the apocalypse is coming (and arguably it could be any second) so why not practice being your best self, now?

Thanks for reading, 


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