Daily Blog #304- The right encouragement goes a long way

Greetings and Salutations, my Dearest Blog Readers,

Today we are discussing how a drop of the right encouragement will go so, very far. 

I say right encouragement, because when someone encourages without good knowledge, it can feel shallow, but, I have learned, recently, that my oh my I will do a lot with a little encouragement. A small drop goes so far.

Now, this premise is likely something most well adjusted people are aware of, and I think in many ways I was aware of it too, but, lately, it has been much more obvious to me, and i wanted to talk to you all about it, today. 

As some of you may or may not know, I enjoy making content. Not like, conventional go trendy and viral content, but content that fills me with a sense of contentment, of joy, content content, if you will, and I enjoy that kind of content creation for a myriad of reasons, least of which include having a creative outlet that allows me to record memories. Like digital scrap-booking, home movies, and journal entries, having social media pages, YouTube channel, and a blog, really helps me always work on creative outlets, never going stagnant, while also recording moments in my life. 

What you may not know, is how hard it can be to make that content when you aren’t being encouraged, and, in some cases, being actively discouraged. 

Nothing stops you from wanting to vlog than having people closest to you constantly ridicule, mock, and deride your passion, and, that is to say nothing of the times you wanting to record things has been thrown in your face for no reason, in the heat of fight with a narcissist, who will say anything to make you feel like shit. 

So, not that these reasons provide an excuse, they do provide some insight as to why it has been harder for me to record and make the content I want to make, and, this fear of doing what I like and enjoy has been something I have worked on in therapy a bit, and, as I embark on this new part of my life, I am working on being better about.

For example, I am in my young thirties and I am getting ready to make major changes in my life, including moving, so, it would be wise for me to record this, all of it, or as much as i can, so I can remember these moments, and, even better, I can learn and grow from all of this change. 

To say nothing of how happy I am when I am working on content. 

This last bit was something I don’t think I even noticed, until Justin pointed it out on Skype the other night. 

I smile differently, and more genuinely, when i am working on content, and, even the stuff i don’t actively LOVE doing, i enjoy doing, and look forward to doing those things above everything else. 

Anyways, it was weird, to have someone not only notice that I do this stuff because I like it, not because it is what we are supposed to do to build a brand or whatever, and, it was even weirder to have someone actively encourage me to make content, instead of fighting me and dismissing it as “stupid crap”, to be okay with me filming stuff, to encourage me to do more, to just…be supportive of my content goals, but also be encouraging of them, noticing that it brings me happiness and joy, contentment, as it were. 

Content content- and a life where I can do that too. 

Pretty crazy. I am loving these changes in my life. 



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