Daily Blog #306: Hair Bonnet gang for life.

Greetings and Salutations, Blog Readers!

As I write this, it is fairly late, just past midnight, and I am wearing my hair bonnet. This is a great way to begin the blog, as this blog is all about my recent use (and love) of using hair bonnets for sleeping. 

I have often seen women wear these, and I have been tempted for ages, but I really wasn’t sure if it would make much of an impact on my hair, but, I found a nice pack of bonnets, two for ten dollars, (If I have an affiliate link I will post them, IF I have a link, I can make a few pennies if you use it, at no cost to you, but please, if you find some you like elsewhere, by all means buy some!) so I hit “add to cart” and indulged in some self care retail therapy, and the next day, my bonnets arrived. 

I watched a few videos on how to put them on, and how to wear them with straightened hair, curly hair, etc, and that night, I slipped my bonnet on and went to bed. 

At first I was worried the elastic band would slide around, not sticking on my head, and then I was worried it was too tight, but in the end, once I found a good spot on my head for it, I didn’t really notice any headaches from it, and it stayed on my head fairly well, only needing slight adjustments when I tossed around too much, which I do, toss a lot, pretty often. 

But, once I adapted? It worked well! I then decided to grab some satin pillow cases for when I doze off for naps, or when my bonnet slips off, but I also found it helped my head slide better in the night, and the lack of tugging on the bonnet helped it stay in place throughout the night anyways. 

My hair, the night after the first day, was way more smooth than usual with one hundred percent less fly aways, and I could easily finger-comb my hair the next morning, and be done, if I had so desired. My hair styled easier, and the product actually stayed on my hair all night, leading to soft, well moisturized hair that did as I wanted all day. 

The next day, my hair continued to do well, and was quite happy with the results, so I continued to wear it int he evening…but something had shifted in me. 

Much like all of us getting spoiled with masks and social distancing stopping anyone from breathing on us, I realized my bonnet kept crap from getting on my hair.

And just like that I was back into my bandanna obsession during the day, bonnets after my shower/hair dries. 

And my hair has never been happier, or healthier. It blows me away that I used to model hair without ever taking such good care of my hair, but I am grateful I am doing it now. 

How serious am I about the hair bonnet, you may be asking?

I want to buy a hair bonnet for my Bug Out Bag, to go with my bandanna. Because the zombie apocalypse will call for better hair care and preventing stuff from getting on my hair even more. 

Should you get a hair bonnet and try sleeping in one if you don’t already? Yes. Should you continue if you do? If you sleep with a bonnet you already know we shouldn’t do anything else. 

Try a hair bonnet (and maybe some satin pillowcases), your hair will thank you!

Thanks for reading,


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