Daily Blog #307- Review of my new keyboard!

Greetings and Salutations, blog readers! 

Today, I am doing a quick little review of my new keyboard! Now that I have written on it for a good long while, and gotten used to all the little features, I figured it would be a great time to review it for anyone else who may want it. 

A few things off the top: I bought this from Amazon, and if I have an affiliate link, I will use it, which means if you use the link, I will make a few pennies or some shit like that. 

Also, I have wanted a keyboard like this for along time, specifically, one I could plug into anything, including my Macbook, and just plug n play, go. I wanted a keyboard I could not only plug in and work with, but one I could game on, type with, and enjoy aesthetically. 

This keyboard is black, lights with with LED lights in three different lighting configurations, and makes typing fairly easy. 

I actually didn’t know about the three different ways the keyboard can light up, but when I discovered that I could change how the lights lit up, and also could turn the lights off if I needed to, was a cool discovery to make! 

All in all, I bought the keyboard to slowly build my gaming system, but also to help build up my writing set up, which, ideally, can go from PC to Macbook, easily. 

I don’t have the PC yet, but I do have my Macbook, and I do love how well this keyboard works with the Mac, which, as most gaming people can attest, not all gamer friendly stuff works beautifully with Mac, but this keyboard was crazy easy. 

The set up was easy, very little set up that only involved typing a few buttons on the keyboard to sync it up, before it was able to be used easily at all times. 

I can now plug my keyboard in and go, without clicking any keys, now that I have it set up, and all in all, it works well. Because of the keyboard, I can have my laptop lifted up, so to not put as much pressure on my neck from looking down, therefore having better posture, and it enables me to write longer. 

It seems silly to say more, but all in all, the keyboard not only does it’s job, it looks great, is super fun and cute, very aesthetically pleasing, and, makes my job of writing that much easier. 

I am able to write for a longer period, with good posture, which helps me not only get more done, but to do so with less pain and less long term damage to my body too. I am super excited to get a better desk chair, which will likely improve my space even more, and let me do even more productive writing, in comfort, without long term damage to my body. 

So, if you are looking for an adorable gaming keyboard, that also works for writing and basic everyday use, while looking cute as fuck, check out the NPET LED keyboard, on Amazon it is under 20 bucks, which for a gaming keyboard, is great. 

And, as far as keyboards go, it works well, for a great price. I will update if I have any issues with it you should know about, so if you don’t see an edit to this blog, you can assume I am still using this keyboard. 

Thanks for reading, 



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