Daily Blog #310- Five Deep as F*ck journal prompts for self discovery.

Greetings and Salutations, Blog Readers!

Today, we have another five journal prompts for you to journal. Be aware- these are kind of deep, so be ready to get into it with your journal, which is a great thing to do.

Where does your mind go when it wanders?

Where does your mind go/ what do you think about, when you let your mind wander? Is there an idea, a place, a thought, that you find tends to always come in? Are there any things that always come to mind, or come to mind more than others? Consider exploring why your mind wanders there 

Am I a servant to money or does money serve me?

Use this journal prompt to explore your relationship with money. Explore your history and upbringing and how this influences you, along with any strengths or struggles. Make note of how you feel when you have and don’t have money, and how much time you spend thinking about money. Consider your relationship, and assess if you serve money or if money serves you. 

What aspect of my personality stills needs improvement?

Use this prompt to explore which part of your personality you want to improve upon and is still needing work. Assess and explore why you want to change and improve, and also use this prompt to visualize what your personality will be like upon completing these improvement, and consider what your life will be like upon completed this transformation. Feel free to also use this time to list out any actions and efforts you are taking for these improvements, and analyze any shortcomings in your efforts. 

Do I think of myself as worth of love?

This journal topic can be tricky for some people, so feel free to use lots of love and care when you journal. Sometimes we find out we may not actually feel worthy of love even though we all are. Use this journal prompt to explore if you truly feel worthy of love, and how that belief impacts your relationships with yourself and others, and how it impacts your life in general. If you are working on loving yourself enough to feel worthy of love, also list out what you are doing and what you still have planned to do to continue on this path. 

What is a peaceful life?

Explore what a peaceful life looks like to you. Imagine every aspect of your life, or the life you would lead, if it were a peaceful life. Consider what parts of your life are already peaceful and which parts of your life you would continue to have in the perfect peaceful life. Are you taking any steps to make your life more peaceful?

Thanks for reading, and for journaling! I hope you enjoyed!



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