Daily Blog #311- Super exhausted, hungover, and needing to catch up.

Greetings and Salutations, Blog Readers!

Short blog today, as I am, as you can tell from the title, exhausted, hungover, and needing to catch up. 

I have some projects that have been taking up a lot of time along with some social obligations, have left me behind on my content, and I need to spend tomorrow and the day after catching up on so much stuff. 

So much of these projects that are taking up so much of my time are, however, very much worth it, and, some, are even nearing completion, the downside being I am exhausted and rapidly running out of energy and time. That being said, I am taking some deep breaths, re-calibrating myself, and focusing on what I need to focus on. 

I have also been doing no small amount of adulting, and have some more adulting type tasks this week, along with my efforts in these projects, but, I hope to spend the rest of my week grinding out my efforts and, with any luck, have a lot of scheduled content for things like my YouTube channel and this blog, including some new Flake City stuff, and, I should also have links to the much requested e-book and physical copy of Flake City Volume One. 

But all of this stuff, plus the stuff I am not talking about, along with my active job search, has be tired and short on time, so, instead of forcing some review or blog lesson, I figured I would be straight up with you all and say, “hey, I’m fucking busy and tired, but I have more coming for you soon” 

And I guess the blog lesson can be to know when you need to give yourself a break, and prioritize your time so you can avoid these feelings in the future. 

Thanks for reading,



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