Daily Blog #312- my 400th total blog post, and a lesson in sustainable productivity.

Greetings and salutations, my dearest blog readers!

This blog post marks the 400th post I have made on AbbiGrasso.com! I thank you all for being here! 

I have been contemplating what I should discuss in this blog, and today, while working on a new method of being productive, I realized much of this new method was born from having added the blog to my life, and I figured that would be the ideal thing to discuss. 

So let’s discuss being productive, in a sustainable way.   

Entirely too often, when I am trying to get my shit together, G.Y.S.Ting, or when I am trying to get sorted after a long depressive spell, I will make a massive list, and, using time blocking methods, I will try and attack the biggest chunks of my tasks, and, along the way, I will become so exhausted and overwhelmed that I get less work done. 

So, lately I have been working on something more balanced, doing a big task, a few small tasks, a big task or two, a few small tasks, some things I find enjoyable, things I may not enjoy but I do easily, etc etc, and bounce my way through my to do list. 

Doing this, I actually got way more done than I meant to, and, bonus, every time I got distracted from doing one thing, instead of lamenting my attention span, I did a new thing and eventually everything I wanted to do, including writing this blog, got done. 

It isn’t always easy, balancing everything, more so when I have so many different things going on, all of which normally involve having a team of some sort, and it’s just little ole me. Balance is key, and all of my productivity doesn’t mean shit if I burn out, so I have to find ways to do it all, in a way that is sustainable.

With my many projects that are taking up lots of spare time, along with things like working on an e-book and physical format of Flake City, not just the free to read version on the blog, I have less time for other things, but, when I refuse to take time from things like my YouTube channel, or my Blog, or Flake City Volume Two, or other tales from within my writing universe…other things get left undone. 

Lately, I have let much of my apartment fall to shit, and I have, surprise surprise, fallen off my workout routine again. Some of my self care has fallen to the side too, like my hair, so I spent time today touching my hair dye up after hair masking yesterday. 

Today I cleaned much of my apartment and did laundry, as I was nearly out of it. I will likely need to do more cleaning and laundry tomorrow, like my linens and towels, but my apartment looks like a human maybe lives here. 

I rough cut edit my next YouTube video, I did some major things for my side projects I’ll be discussing soon, and, I have been able to do everything I set out to do today, and several other things, all while still having the energy to not be dead tomorrow. Because of this method I can attack another to-do list of similar length, and maybe get really far along on my productivity goals, without burning myself out. 

Gotta save some social energy, it looks like I am playing DnD this weekend. 

So, I hope wherever you are, you are saving energy for everything on your list. 

Thanks for reading, and for being here for 400 blog posts. 


P.S- You can buy me a drink to celebrate by CashApping me- $AbbiGrasso – Cheers!

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