Daily blog #313- Hydration challenge!

Greetings and Salutations, Blog Readers!

Today is a quick blog post to update y’all on a challenge I am starting today, as in, the day this blog post goes live, and I encourage you to all join me on it, and also, to hold me accountable for it!

The challenge is simple, and is hardly a new challenge, in fact, plenty of bloggers, both written and video, have done this challenge, and I myself have worked hard to follow this principle in my life, however, I have fallen off my hydration game, so we are using this challenge to get back on our game, and provide the blog some interesting content while I finish some other things up, before announcing those things. 

So, let’s talk challenge! As you may have guessed from above, it is involving hydration! 

My goal in this challenge is to drink one full gallon of water every day, starting when I wake up, and finishing before I go to bed, preferably long before I go to bed so I am not peeing all night, but that happens plenty to me anyways, because I always like to drink water but often I do drink more at night. 

So, my goal is to drink at least one gallon over the course of the day, every single day, for one week. 

I have fallen off of my hydration lately, normally aiming for at least 100 or so ounces of water a day, so I am hoping this challenge will get me back on my shit, and maybe help me look and feel better too. 

I have been feeling bloated, likely from my poverty diet of sodium filled starches and occasional frozen veggies, so the water may also help flush some of that out. 

I am also adding some efforts in working out back into my routine, but I have been working on that again this week, and even biked over 14 miles earlier today, so, clearly I am making positive progress. 

I know this challenge tends to help people shed pounds and clear up their skin, my skin is actually quite clear but I am hoping it will maybe help the bags under my eyes or the overall vibrancy of my skin and face. 

This is a good, healthy challenge that doesn’t really cost much and has a big positive impact on your health, so, it seems a good challenge to do and blog about while I wrap up some other projects and prepare to tell you all about those! 

This is also a great challenge for someone looking to do a small thing to have a big impact on their health, and also to help them participate in a challenge and succeed… 

So, I highly encourage you to all join me in drinking one gallon of water a day, and be sure to check back later this week to see how the challenge is going. 

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Hydration Nation- Let’s do this! 

Thanks for reading!



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