Daily Blog #315: What does Abbi need? (Updates on life, the hydration challenge, and the job hunt)

Greetings and Salutations, Blog Readers!

To be honest, I meant to write a blog for today about my new glasses, and the long saga to getting them, but they haven’t arrived yet and I have been so busy with my desperate job hunt that I forgot about this post until right now, at just after 9:00 PM, Thursday, the night ahead of when I usually have a blog go live…as you may recall I am trying to post three times a week, Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. 

But, alas, the glasses have not arrived, and I still wanted to update the blog, so I thought I would get back a daily blog situation and update you all on my life. 

I have been searching, even more desperately than before, for work. Previously, I was searching for work that paid similarly to my rate at my last job, but with unemployment not cut for anyone who lost their job due to the pandemic, I need to lower my standards to anything that will pay enough to let me not live in my moms basement. 

A PNG of my resume, should you know any place hiring.

And, with the first of August coming fast, I need to also find something quick. 

I interviewed today for something at the every bottom of what I can afford to make, and I have a second interview tomorrow, but that job wouldn’t begin until over a week into next month…and I need to pay rent before then. 

So, I am continuing to search. I have been submitting for any job I can find that I am qualified for and pays in my range, and it has turned into an all day thing. I am doing the numbers, applying for over forty jobs a day, minimum, and doing so very skill assessment to prove my competency. 

I keep saying that I am doing what I should be doing, so I am sure it will pay off, but I need something to happen soon, so I continue to apply and chase down employers to try and gain employment as soon as possible. I am sure other people are in the same boat as me, but I gotta say, that just makes it suck more. 

I do hate that so many people are skill out of work, and worse yet, that they have no way to pay their bills or put food on the table, so to anyone in this scary boat with me, I wish us all, good luck. 

As for other things in my life, I am doing the hydration challenge this week, drinking a gallon of water a day, and that is going quite well overall. I feel great for it, and my body is responding well to getting back to my usual level of hydrated. 

I have also gotten back onto my work out grind, I’ve worked out twice this week, with some stretching every day, and I am aiming to work out at least once or twice more this weekend. 

Overall, things are going okay, if I could just get a job with one of the companies I have applied for, maybe even one of the ones paying fairly, I would have everything on track in a good way. 

I have several side projects I am working on that are going well, Flake City volume two is going well, and other parts of my universe, other stories that are being told, inside and outside of Flake City, are all going well, my YouTube channel is slowly finding a nice pace, although I do need to go ahead and get a video recorded for this week, and my blog, my baby, is going well. 

All I need is to sort out my employment and make sure I can pay rent next month, and everything will be about how I want it, for now anyways. 

So, keep a positive thought for me, and I’ll keep one for you!

Thanks for reading!



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