Daily Blog #317- Hydration Challenge – Shall we extend it?

Greetings and Salutations, Blog Readers!

As you may recall from last week, I decided to do a hydration challenge and challenge myself to drink a gallon of water every day for one week. 

I am one week into this challenge, and I am so pleased with the results that I am considering extending the challenge for thirty days, to determine the effects of doing it for a longer time. 

Most challenges I see dedicate themselves to one week of hydration, but to me, I am doing this challenge to promote a healthy habit, and return to my better hydration days, so it would make sense to form it into a habit. 

Habits are formed after thirty days, not seven. 

Additionally, I noticed a few days ago that it was getting easier and easier to drink the water and my body craved it over the other drinks I crave, which was a great thing to see. 

I can’t speak to energy levels, because they have been all over the place, nor my skin quality, but I will say my skin, while normally fairly clear, has been seeming to improve with the water intake, again, it is hard to gauge. 

I also think that maybe if I do the water challenge for thirty days I can have a more clear understanding of the benefits water can show my body, and have a better sampling of what it does long term- Like I said earlier, too many people only do this challenge for one week, so…

I think maybe doing it for one month, or thirty days, is a good idea. I started this last Sunday, which, was July 11th, so my goal is to now drink a gallon of water every day until August 3rd, and see where I am at then. By then, if I have done it every day, I will have developed the habit properly, and also have a better pool of data with which to determine any benefits I feel and am enjoying from my improved dedication and newly developed hydration habit. 

So I am drinking water, and I will share these notes I have observed- 

The first half of the gallon is harder than the second, and for me, once I get that first half gallon down, I keep chugging water all day, so I highly suggest you drink the first half gallon as early as you can, to get your body into the habit of drinking water early in the day, and to continue that momentum all day. 

I will also say that as much as everyone says “I couldn’t do that I would be peeing all the time” – that isn’t the excuse you think it is to dehydrate yourself, you should be peeing often and it shouldn’t be dark in color or cloudy so please drink water and stop using the “inconvenience” of peeing to not drink water. 

And for the moms and folks out there that wanna come in with some “Well I personally don’t have that kind of time, my kids need me!”

Hold onto your hat, I am about to call you out. 

1- Your child needs to learn to let you pee in peace, and you need to learn to put that boundary up. This excludes babies or whatever but, doesn’t exempt you…see #2

2- You can’t take care of that baby if you can’t take care of yourself. You can’t pour from an empty cup…and…

3- Your child is LEARNING from you, why are you teaching them that mommy doesn’t prioritize her health? Why are you teaching your child to neglect their health? 

Knock it off with the fucking excuses, you need to drink water. I am trying to be kind to you, but I have had entirely too many people try to give me bogus excuses to not drink water….something that LITERALLY does so much to your body that is positive, and is so easy to do. 

“I don’t like how it tastes.” First of all, respectfully, grow up. For my Nuerodivergent folks, c’mon cuties, get the water flavor powder and get to drinking. You need it. 

Stop making excuses, you only hurt yourself. Go drink some water. 

Join me in the challenge, make sure you are following/subscribed to see how the challenge goes for me, and comment/DM how it goes for you! 

Thanks for reading, and drinking water,



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