Daily Blog #321- “We’re going through changes…”

Greetings and Salutations, Dearest Blog Readers

Today, I am typing to you from a new computer. Same keyboard, because I have my plug and play keyboard that I reviewed recently, and I plan on using for a while, but, my MacBook is down for the count.

My mother kindly bought me a new computer, so I could start my new job, and I will be paying her back over the next few months. I am very appreciative and thankful for her help, because with out it, I would not have been able to start my job, or any of the jobs i have been offered, and would be very dead in the water.

As it stands, I could not pay my August rent, because I haven’t received money in over a month, but, thankfully, my landlord is willing to work with me, and let me make payments as I get paid, as long as I get it all caught up as quick as possible and stay in contact with them regarding the payment plans.

But, all that stress aside, I am feeling pretty good. The rent hanging over my head sucks, yes, but I am IN LOVE with my new computer, even though it does take a LOT of adjusting- and it is delaying my content creation even more than starting the new job has.

But, again, very grateful.

I need to find a new video editing program, as iMovie is only for Mac, which is upsetting because I quite like iMovie, but I am hopeful to get my MacBook working again in the coming weeks.

If I am unable, I will have to pay someone to pull the contents of my hard drive off of my Mac.

I am quite angry and sad about this part, because I have so many projects I was wanting to release and share with you all, including some more Flake City stories, but they are all on my MacBook, so until I either fix it or pull the content off of it…I won’t be working on that stuff.

Thankfully I have backups of several other projects that have been demanding my attention so I can work on those while I wait out my waiting period. I am hoping my DM from D&D can fix my laptop, he has a theory as to how to fix it, and if not, I will have to pay a couple hundred to Apple to have it taken off.

Obviously, I am hoping for the former.

Anyways, the new computer doesn’t just mean adjustments to my content creation and publication schedule, but it also means I have more options to game, as this powerful little machine has the power to run all of the games I have wanted to play on a PC.

It also opens me up to stream if I want to, which is desirable.

Overall? My computer was an unexpected change in my life, but, as I have mentioned, I know I am in a phase of change in my life, I just didn’t know my computer was part of it.

As much as I am normally against change, all of the change has felt good and I am happier and healthier for it. Its a constant adjustment, but one i am embracing.

My mental health is greatly improving too, and I have lots to say on that matter that I plan on getting into in a future blog post, along with a few posts about the gaming I will be getting to do, and how much I think working from home is having a positive impact on my life.

I don’t want to blog for long, another change I am making is I am typing this directly into WordPress instead of copy and pasting it, but, I do want to wrap this up because all these changes are hard and also tiring, and I need some recharge time.

Because I am learning, through all these changes, how to balance my time and mental health, and while I still struggle, I know I need some chill time, and now that i have this blog written, I can tell you all- Strap in- more blogs coming soonish.

Justin is coming to visit this weekend, (woohoo!) so I likely won’t blog much until he leaves, but I will do my best to at least get some of the posts I’ve mentioned written and scheduled next week.

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