Daily Blog #322- “aaaand we’re back!”

Greetings and Salutations, dearest blog readers! Today, we are back from our technical difficulties, and working on starting a schedule that includes making content, working on my writing projects, day to day life stuff, and, of course, balancing all of that with a new job.

This week is a lesson in balance, and I figured, “hey, maybe I should record and share this with the blog.” So here I am, doing just that.

Last week, I spent my “after work” productive hours getting my apartment in order. Combining depression, laziness, and stress, not to mention apathy, made my apartment a bit messy, but dealing with those things for months on end, and me choosing to enjoy my happier times versus doing projects that needed to be done…let’s just say the apartment needed some attention. Boxes had to be taken down, trash gathered up, deep cleaning had to be done, and I had some more purging to do. I also had things to reorganize and stash away, and some more of my own belongings to go through and remove if they were no longer serving me.

I now have my apartment in decent shape, and I am aiming to keep it in good shape and continue to improve it. I also need to get back to my content grind, and I am now 8 hours short of time every day, because of my new job, so I need to make sure I balance my after-work time to account for that.

Because of how my brain is wired, if I find a pattern that works, I will likely stick to it, all I need to do is just do it. This is made easier by the fact that I can work from home, so I have fewer outside influences stopping me from doing a “usual” routine.

So, today I am working on a new plan for my day-to-day life, so that I can plan for everything I want to get done in the coming weeks and months.

A lot of things I want to do will be taking more time, as I have a new computer with new systems and processes, so certain things won’t be as feasible. For example, using iMovie, my preferred editing software for videos, so I need to find something new and similar to use. (Please, no one suggest Davinci. I’ve tried it and I legit don’t know what the fuck you people are smoking when you say “oh my god it’s so simple and great” because…damn no. Lol. But good for you if you like it)

I also must adjust to not having all my content saved on my laptop, which means certain projects, like the PDF file for Flake City Volume One, which I have been working on for publishing reasons, is lost on my MacBook until I can find a way to get it off. (There is a plan for that, but I won’t know for a week or more at least.)

So, my goals are to finish work at 4:30, and then work on content things for at least thirty minutes to an hour. I think this time will be spent working on blog type content, before I take a computer break, do some stretching/work out of some fashion, and then figure out shower and dinner. After I complete the shower, (I think I like showering before dinner, but this is subject to change), I will likely launch into my gaming.

I have decided that gaming content suits video content creation goals, since my video stuff is only really meant for me. I want to legitimize my gaming, so, making content is a keyway to do that.

Now that I have this awesome new computer, I can run games I haven’t been able to play, not just Left 4 Dead on PC, which is very different from the console gaming I have been doing, but also, I have started playing WoW again.

Justin really wanted me to play, so I started a Horde toon on his server, and recreated my old character on my old server, just to have her. Now I have a character I can play with on Horde side, and one on Alliance side, both are mages, and I am going through the quests and noting not only the differences from when I played back in Wrath of the Lich King days, but also the differences between Horde and Alliance Mage’s.

Mollymage is back.

I still must figure out how to edit those videos, and how to edit my Left 4 Dead videos as well.

So, figuring that out will take time, so I will likely batch that sort of work, on the weekends, at least until I get more comfortable with the new software and edit style. I had a nice system for my L4D videos on my MacBook, so once I can get back to having a system that works, I’ll be able to better plan for days when I need to edit. I also know with a game like WoW, not everything is as desirable to have recorded/made into a video, so there may be a bunch of footage never edited or uploaded.

Or I may say screw it all and post the simple gameplay footage with some music or whatever and call it a day.  I personally like watching content like that, and my goal is always to make the content I want to make/enjoy.

Anyways, as mentioned, this week Is a week of learning a new schedule and forming one that works for me and serves my goals, and this is the first blog post talking about it. As I work to finetune my days, there will be more blog posts, so if that sort of thing interests you, or you want to know how to better balance your day job and your passions, or maybe see how working from home impacts all of that, so definitely subscribe/follow for more posts.

Also, I have more zombie reviews coming up, including my (probably surprising) thoughts on Back 4 Blood, and some new movie reviews, so stay tuned.

Thanks for reading,



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