Daily Blog #326: Failed Hermit month, let’s try again.

Greetings and Salutations, Blog Readers!


As you may recall from my last blog post, I was embarking on a month of hermiting to get myself sorted.

And the universe laughed in my face.

And a hurricane hit Louisiana, and endangered one of my best friends lives, so, when Kim began talking about evacuation, I offered up my place, and after a day of driving in evacuation traffic with her six-year-old, they arrived.

They were with me for over two weeks, and then I came back to their part of Louisiana (outside of my favorite city, New Orleans) to help her get sorted after being gone for so long and having so much destruction nearby. As y’all may or may not know, I am good at crisis and disaster stuff, so, it was a natural fit. Plus, I love Kim, and have for a long time, so obviously I want to help her and her kiddo, who is also pretty dope too.

So, with all of the chaos, it has been near impossible to write ANYTHING, much less blog, so, now I am taking a few moments to start this blog post, which I will likely try to finish today, or when I arrive home tomorrow. I fly home tomorrow afternoon/early evening and then I will spend much of my evening cleaning my apartment and getting it sorted from having company.

And finally watching some zombie shit because you can’t watch zombie stuff with a six-year-old apparently, even though I know I watched zombie stuff at her age, I didn’t have the nightmares she has.

Alright so now we are back at home. I flew home this past weekend, and I went to Dungeons and Dragons yesterday, now I am back to trying to get back into a routine, and then, of course, restarting my hermit month, which, due to the things listed above, I didn’t get to do.

I still want to work on my hermit goals, but now I feel I will be working with a clearer head about what it is I am going for.

I need downtime, but I need creative downtime so I can catch up so much writing, and also so many projects I am working on. I need to catch up on blog posts, work on Flake City, and a ton of other stories that are all a “part of what is to come” as it were.

So, this week I need to focus on getting back into the swing of things, which I will outline in a new blog.

This month, I plan on going to my hermit mode once again, but actually sticking to it, assuming no more hurricanes. My goal is to only really leave for stuff like groceries or Dungeons and Dragons, the former is needed for life, and later is fun and doesn’t leave me as drained, so it can serve as my social activity for the week.

So, for now, hello! I am back, and I am super behind, but, I am diving back into my hermit month plans, with the goal of getting back on track.

Thanks for reading,



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