Daily Blog #330: Thoughts about stuff in my life.

Greetings and Salutations, Blog Readers.

I was trying to decide what to blog about today, as I have a few thoughts about what blog posts to write, but, in the end, a nice generic sit and chat blog seemed best suited for my current mood and the pacing on the blog.

A catch up. A “let’s grab coffee and talk” blog post.

So go grab some coffee, tea, or maybe some water since hydration is key, and let’s catch up.

Life has been hectic, and I am keeping some stuff close to my chest, but not everything.

For example, I have been really working hard on my mental health, which, as many of you know, is an ongoing mission of mine, but I have been ramping it up even more by actually doing things I want to do, and pursuing those things that make me happy.

One of the biggest changes has been that I am super happy at my job, and no longer am I looking at my writing as this thing I must get successful at so I can stop working jobs I hate.

Because I like my job, so I can just work this job and my writing is now, once again, for me and me alone.

Sure, I have said before that things like Flake City were written by me, for me, but, it is a mentally good thing to no longer worry even in the smallest about that not being commercially appropriate…I don’t need it to be. It’s MY blog. It’s MY writing. All that matters is MY opinion.

Also, on the topic of doing what I want- I am playing WoW, on the Alliance side, which I love. I am adjusting to the changes since I played back in the day, and slowly, I am liking it more and more, and feeling more and more at peace with the gaming side of my brain. I am loving doing dungeon runs and just getting better…Before long MollyMage will be back to her usual self, of badass DPS and shit.

My weekends are also spent mostly doing what I want, but in accordance with my hermit month as well.

This past weekend I had an awesome nerd weekend, beginning with watching the beginning of The Hobbit with Travis, then Saturday playing D&D with the boys (JT, Travis, Matt but no Castro because he was sick) and then Sunday JT, Travis and I went to two different comic book stores, a model train store, and Ikea. I got myself some new pins at Third Planet, and some lamps, candles, and a new snake plant, at Ikea.

Treating myself to small things I like, like the pins, and larger things I need, like lamps for my very dark apartment.

Because I know that surroundings impact your mental health. For a while I haven’t wanted to buy things for the apartment because “I’m gonna move soon anyways” but it seems silly to sit in a dark apartment for another winter- I have six months until my lease is up, I should have a better lit apartment.

I deserve a good space that promotes mental health.

I have also been working on things that bring me bliss in small little ways. Small, fun, creative pursuits that aren’t *just* writing, but, sometimes, relate *to* the writing.

All in all, I am working on getting my life in order and really assessing what I enjoy. If you read the hermit blog posts, about my month-long hermit challenge, you know that is the entire point of this time, so, consider this a check in of sorts, it is going very well.

I am finding so many parts of bliss and really digging into who I am, where I have been, and where I am going.

It’s exciting, thrilling, and oftentimes hard, but, I enjoy it, and I hope you all enjoy reading about it. I have been also writing more openly about mental unwellness, and I am looking forward to sharing more of that, as I work on bringing the kind of content I want on this blog.

I have more questions than answers about what I want, these days, but, I have more “how I will get there” plans than I do questions, so I consider that a good thing. I have a path ahead of me, and my trusting of the universe is providing me a bit of calm as I make my way down an unknown path.

On that note, I need to finish making my yummy dinner. And work on my therapy homework: What it is I want, without any outside influences from other people.

Thanks for reading,



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