Daily Blog #331- Balancing time with things I actually enjoy.

Greetings and Salutations, Blog Reader!

This week has been pretty crazy, in a not-that-crazy-but-where-did-the-week-go kind of way.

I have been working on my new normal regarding my schedule and adjusting to trying to fit everything I want and need into my day.

It has been crazy. And, admittedly, I have to make some adjustments. I can’t keep spending so much time on the phone/skype/ etc talking to people, because it takes a chunk of my day that I could be writing, gaming, cleaning, etc, but, also, I like doing those things, so I need to find a way to once again squeeze more time into my day.

I don’t like that time coming from “me” time. Thankfully, I have some of the best people in the world in my immediate circle, and everyone in my group understands the need for personal recharge time and are being very encouraging of me taking my time.

I just need to actually implement it.

Yes, that’s right…it’s my fault, and I have to do something about it. Fault isn’t a great word for it, but I believe in holding myself accountable and the facts are, I have several blog ideas I could have batched earlier this week, and then instead of writing this blog post long after my usual blog goes up, the finished version of some blog post would have gone up.

I need to focus on the things that matter to me, not just SOME of the things that matter to me.

So, the new trick is going to be balancing my work, gaming, writing, and social obligations for people. I won’t give up my weekends with my friends because frankly those weekends with the guys are so good for my mental health.

I do want to work more gaming into my schedule but that seems nearly impossible, and not totally practical.

All in all, while the balancing act is hard, something really cool has happened…

I am balancing my time between things I actually fucking enjoy.

Sure, I don’t love cleaning my apartment, or getting groceries, but I love that the bulk of my daily hours are being split between things I enjoy doing. Even my job, which accounts for 8-9 hours per day, is fun, enjoyable, and vaguely rewarding. WoW is fun because Kenny and I get to play and catch up, in a language that we both enjoy. I feel more and more like myself as I play, and I am enjoying being a healthier person when I play. No longer is Azeroth an escape from my real life, now it supplements an awesome life.

My social time on the weekends isn’t draining me because I spend all week at home, working a work from home job I love, therefore not draining my limited social energy, I can fully enjoy my social time! I love the guys, and love being able to relax and be a total fucking nerd and have no one make fun of it. Also, these guys are so much nerdier than me it is inspiring. May I ever know anything the way JT knows…well damn near anything.

And my friends appreciate me, too, which is new. They not only appreciate me, but they also understand my needs and encourage me to pursue them. I am not great at doing things for me, and now my circle has people like Kim, Travis, Amber, Kenny who all encourage me to take my desperately needed me time.

I have another blog post planned about all the great things in my life happening right now, but the friends being so amazing is a big part of that. I am so very grateful to have these wonderful people in my life who understand and appreciate me and are truly good people wanting what’s best for me, not for themselves. It means all my efforts to love and support my friends, encouraging them to do what’s best for them, doesn’t “go to waste”, no, instead I have the kind of friends I never thought possible in your thirties.

Anyways, enough ranting about how lucky I am to have the best friends ever. This week has been crazy and some of my goals fell to the side, but all in all, I am happy and doing well. I have been doing more yoga and stretching every day and making an effort to drink more water and eat better. The latter two I struggle with, but I am working on it.

This upcoming week, my goals are to keep doing what I am doing, but with a smidge more balance, so I can get a bit more writing done, and also eat better and drink more water.

All in all, my goals get easier and easier to reach and my life is getting easier and easier to work through. I am finding bliss in my daily routine, and my weekly routine is also shaping up nicely.

Contentment is finally finding it’s way to my life, and I hope by the end of the year, I have everything how I want it. I plan to really make 34 count, and as we are now in the first day of October, it is time to begin preparing for, and setting the intentions for, the upcoming year.

How are you preparing for the new year? How are you working towards your goals? Is your life where you want it, on track for where you will want it? Let me know in the comments or a DM- I am always on Snapchat (@abbigrasso)

Thanks for reading,


One thought on “Daily Blog #331- Balancing time with things I actually enjoy.

  1. It’s great that you’re finding contentment! I myself am just making sure I push the needle to becoming an established author in my country. I like keeping things simple. Makes things much easier to plan. Wishing you all the best!

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