Daily Blog #335: Writing when the thoughts won’t come

Greetings and Salutations, Blog Readers!

Today we are talking about writing when the thoughts won’t come.

This happens often for writers, and I am sure it happens for bloggers even more often, where we know we want to write, need to write, feel the urge to create, but the ideas simply won’t come!

For me, I tend to always have ideas for writing, and certainly I have more than enough ideas for creative writing, but sometimes my blog post ideas dry up. I haven’t been working on my blog idea list as much as I should, and I need to probably address that this week.

What you see I am doing is actually solving this problem. You see, anytime you are stuck for a creative idea, there is normally a reason, and it is a good sign to work on your processes and see where you can improve the method you are using to meet your goals.

In my case, I have all the energy and ability to write, but I don’t have any pre-thought up blog posts.  This is a downfall to my method of writing, which has been to train my writing muscles to always be able to write.

I am used to grabbing an idea from my list, opening up the word processor, and getting to work. This is no not an option, however, when I have worked hard all week and neglected to make a list of blog topics to select from. I could easily talk about my past week, but I feel this is a better use of my time, and yours for reading it.

We must plan, if we want to make things good. Failure to plan is to plan to fail.

Thankfully, I have methodologies in place to help me not fail, but I do know what I need to do to address this shortcoming.

So, I am working on my blog post list, and when my new planner arrives later today, I will be setting it up to help me keep track of those ideas, I addition to helping plan my times for writing. As you may recall in my time balancing blog, I am working on fitting it all into my life, and I want to make sure I have time for everything that matters to me.

This is all part of what is to come, as it were, and I want to make sure I am working on myself and my writing, in addition to my job, social life, gaming obligations and home life.

And sometimes that is what you must do. You look at what you aren’t getting done, or things you need to do to ensure you can, and you make a system.

For example, if you keep not having meat thawed for dinner, you should work on your processes in the morning to not only plan your meal but take out what you need from the freezer. Or be okay with vegetarian meals or make some sort of meal plan to account for your evening meals.

The same is to be done for my blog posts. I have the ability to write the posts, but I need the list of ideas I have during the week, so I can sit down and write those ideas. Normally, when I remove one idea from my list, I add another one to it, and this week I failed to do so.

So my goal for this week will be to continue my efforts in time balancing from last week, while also improving my methods to keep myself doing the things I love.

And so, I am working on my processes to make my schedule and methods better.

What processes do you need to work on to guarantee your success in your plans and goals?

Let’s talk about them and work on our stuff together.

Thanks for reading,



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