Daily Blog #336: Honoring your progress

Greetings and Salutations, Blog Readers

Today, we are talking about something I have been working on, a little on my own, a little in therapy!

And something that, as it turns out, quite a few of you could also stand to hear about, based on conversations with some of you about your lives and journeys.

Being okay, and even proud, of the progress you have made, even if you have a ways to go.

So, I have been working on so many things in my life, be it my physical stuff or mental, and one of the things that has been brought up in therapy is how much I cant seem to appreciate how far ive come. I can acknowledge it, sure, it’s as clear as day that I have grown and changed, but it is so hard for me to be proud of that work, instead I seem to fixate on the work left to do.

So instead of being glad of certain bits of growth, I get upset I haven’t done more, and end up beating myself up over not being where I want to be in the future, in the present.

Completely ignoring how much work had to come in the past to get to said present.

And that is likely caused from so many factors, things I prefer to chat about in therapy, but the reason, in this case, isn’t as important as the fact that not only am I doing it, I know a lot of others are too.

Lots of fellow neuro divergent people like me, who must work so much harder to even navigate this neurotypical ran world, and the whole time we lament that we haven’t mastered being perfect in a world not designed for how our brains work.

Versus being proud of all the work we have done to handle and integrate into society that largely makes ND folks suffer.

Imagine lamenting that you aren’t as socially able as others, when you used to be unable to leave your home? Imagine not understanding sarcasm, and then finally catching it more often?

Sure, not all the time, but now it’s more often.

I wish all the time I was less awkward, less literal, less pedantic.

But I should instead be proud that I am getting better at noticing those times, and correcting my behavior. I should also be grateful for my other ND friends, and I gotta say, I am SO grateful.

But why drag ourselves over the coals for not being where we want to be? Why hate your body for not being where you want it yet, or hate your mind for nothing being as “normal” as you want? You have worked hard to tend to your body, you have worked hard to at least understand the world around you, why should you be further upset that you haven’t mastered it yet?

You shouldn’t. You are doing great. You are on a journey, and you should honor yourself, the journey, and the road you are on, the work you have done, by appreciating how far you have come.

Haven’t quit smoking yet, but reduced your smoking down? Be proud of that progress. Be proud of the six pounds you have lost, even If you have 50 to go.

All progress is progress. Honor your progress. I’m proud of you.

Thanks for working hard on your journey, and as always-

Thanks for reading,



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