Daily Blog 339: Loop Earplugs Review (Overstimulation and Anxiety help for the Neuro Divergent and even Neuro Typical)

Greetings and Salutations, blog readers!

Me, wearing my loops during the work day. They work great for reducing all the ambient noise that slowly drives me nuts.

Today we are talking about and reviewing the Loop “Quiet” earbuds, designed for reducing sound without eliminating it.

For the record, these little earbuds were designed for, and are popularly worn by, musicians, DJ’s, and people who work in loud industries.

I work from home, but I do live in a fairly noise part of a noisy city, but that is not why I bought them. I got them because I am very much neuro divergent, being on the spectrum, and I am tired of loud noises impacting my mental health and over stimulating me, making me less able to handle the world around me.

So, after seeing some people on TikTok talk about them, and thinking about it for something like two months, I opted into buying a pair, and even having them rush delivered to my apartment, same day, via Amazon. (Yeah, I know, feeding into the machine that is Amazon is bad. Sorry.)

So, when they arrived, I was a little unsure, but hopeful, and worked on putting them in properly. Like most things in my life, I overthought it, and wasn’t sure I put them in properly.

But then I took them out and all the noise came rushing back to me.

“Okay, so they work.” I thought to myself, and knew I needed to road test them with some situations to see if they were truly the aid, I thought they would be. If they were, I reasoned, I would consider buying the professional grade ones, or the dampening loops that fit into these ones, and have some options based on my situations.

I had a weekend of D&D and hanging out to do, plus the drive from my apartment to the suburbs Travis lives in, so, when I packed my bag, I made sure to slip my loops in. Travis has a low speaking voice, so I couldn’t wear them around him and hear him properly, when it was quiet, but he was a gem and spoke up more when we went out so I could hear him, and also dampen the noises that were killing me.

The Loop earbud carrying case, comes standard in black, and has a little loop on top. Snaps shut to keep buds safe.

I tried the plugs on the road, in restaurants, inside Spirit Halloween, around screaming children, and…At Walmart on a Sunday.

You never really realize how much noises are impacting your mental state until you reduce them, I’ll say that.

For me, I really had no idea it was hurting me that much. Until it no longer was. I was able to enjoy myself most of the time, and when I was out, without the ear buds, if something started to bother me, I was able to be more aware of it, and then take my earbuds out, to give myself some relief. And, since the ear buds come with the cutest little travel case ever, they could easily fit into even the smallest of pockets, and definitely fit into mine!

When at lunch, I had Matt on one side, and Travis on the other, Matt, a very loud speaker, and sometimes loud eater, and Travis, a much more quiet speaker and eater. I used on plug in the ear that was closest to Matt, leaving the ear next to Travis open to accommodate his lower voice- Worked like a charm!!

It was really nice just simply pulling out a plug and having my anxiety go down, no longer being over stimulated from the noises.

All for less than 25 bucks. On their website, the plugs are available for even less- like 15 instead of 20.

Me with my loops. Full version of the cover photo.

Pretty fucking great, if you ask me, and definitely worth giving them a shot, if noises are in anyway impacting your mental or physical health. With more concerts and live events happening now, it seems wise to tell even my neuro typical friends and readers about these loops, and of course, anyone on the neuro divergent spectrum would do well to try them as well, as they work wonders, in my opinion.

I will be testing them more and more, including testing them when I am in New Orleans visiting Kim, who has a NOTABLY loud life in general, and for any outings I go on, so I will update with any thoughts on the loops in those situations, in a future blog post. (Subscribe/Follow/Bookmark the blog so you don’t miss it)

So, if you want to try them, mosey to amazon, or, be smarter than I was and order from the website direct: www.loopearplugs.com

(This is NOT sponsored because LOL why would it be I’m not that big of a blogger, but definitely let me know if you use them, as I want to see if they help you too- and I hope they do!)

Thanks for reading,



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