Daily Blog #341: For fear of setting goals…

Greetings and Salutations, Blog Readers!

Today we are talking about my fear of setting goals, because I suspect some of you have this issue too.

So, as I stare at my list of “potential blog topics” in my planner, I see these stupid, annoying sections that ask me to outline my goals and objectives. One section is for main goal, another for priorities. Another is for to-do’s, and another for Habit Tracking.

The To-Do list frequently will get used, as most of you know, I am all about to-do lists. I tried the habit tracker, once, and it gave me anxiety and I think even maybe threw me off my attempts at the habit- which was working out during the day. Of all the available slots, I had one habit to track, and, it made me freak out, so I omitted it from my next couple of weeks.

The “Main Goal” Section has been left blank, and I can’t seem to bring myself to fill out out. The “Priorities” section also seems to only get work related deadlines placed into it.

All in all, it seems unless it is a work deadline that I will make sure to hit, I won’t fill out goals or priorities in my planner.

But why?

Honestly, I think it is a fear of failing to meet the goals. So instead of trying, I simply don’t fill it out, and don’t fail.

Mind you, this blog post isn’t going to give anyone closure or give anyone any ideas as to how to fix this problem, but the first step seemed to be doing this: Naming the issue and identifying it.

So now I know I am afraid to fully use my planner and set goals, likely for fear of failing to accomplish them. Maybe writing this blog is the first step.

Anyone else have this issue? Anyone know what the first step is to fixing it?

If not, it’s all good. I tend to figure out solutions. Follow/Subscribe to the blog to see what I come up with, and as always-

Thanks for reading,



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