Daily Blog #347: Finding balance, goal chasing, and continued efforts in getting over my fear of failure (and success).

Greetings and Salutations, blog readers!

Finding a writing balance when you have a lot going on in your life, is near impossible. I have been tackling a new project, well, I say new, its old content (Flake City) but new format, and the writing and working on it, takes a chunk of time. In addition to this, it is the holiday season, and my birthday is approaching, and I like to play video games, and miss making my videos, need to fix my laptop, have Flake City Vol. 2 to work on, as well as other writing projects…

I don’t have enough time to get things done. In addition to all of this, I like to try and do things in a “daily” way- So instead of doing the much smarter thing of “working on ____” MWF, “working on ____ TTh” “working on ___ on the weekend”- I try and do ALL THE THINGS EVERY DAY.

It isn’t sustainable.

So, in my research of how to better achieve my goals, to write the goals and make them more realistic and attainable, I have realized I have been shoving too many things into every single day in an effort to get it all done, and I truly need to divide up my days.

Like, at work, for example, we split up the obligations for our morning update reports, with me taking Wednesday and Friday, my coworker taking Tuesday and Thursday, and the more senior member who is transitioning to other parts of the company, does Mondays.

This system is smart, and works well, and also ensures if someone is down, it’s not hard to pick up the slack either. If I was out for a week, the other two could split my days, etc. This method allows the work to get done.

I need to do the same with my own efforts. There are some things I want to do daily, like I really want to be going on daily walks, every day. I want to write, every day. I want to drink a lot of water every day. I have to work five days out of the week.

And part of this process is knowing what I want to do every day and prioritizing my desires. I have talked about wanting to put the things that I want, that bring me joy, first, and naming those things is key.

So, things I either want (or need) to do:

I want to write every day (Blog and Creative)

I want to game and, I want to create gaming videos with lo fi that I make or enjoy

I need to work to pay bills

I want and need to keep a clean house and eat food I cook at home.

I want and need to take a daily walk every day.

Things I want and need to do, but maybe not every day.

Social interactions, like D&D, which I do every week or so. Seeing people like Amber, Drew, Bill and Nicole, I want to do more often, at least once a week.

Staying in contact with people, is also important. Sometimes it can be hard to be on my phone, more so when I have been working on a “disconnect from my phone” thing, because my phone seems to hurt my mental health more than encourage it. That being said, sometimes that comes down to the right kind of activity, so, I have been working on making the things I do on my phone better and more serving of my higher goals, like limiting and controlling which social media’s I use.

I want to start a podcast, and release an episode once a week or so, ideally with my friend Tricia, or by myself with guests.

I want to get more into crafting again, like the candle and soap making I used to do, along with growing my edibles company once I legally can do the latter.  

My KDP creations, while silly, are fun, and I want to grow more of those as well and build my library of KDP books available for purchase, in addition to my own eBook goals.

I want to release more than Flake City on my blog and eBooks.

I have other goals as well, but, as this is a process in progress, this feels like a good step. Obviously, some things go into these for example:

I want to write every day but writing every day doesn’t mean I get a blog scheduled- blog scheduling means illustrating covers and scheduling, plus editing, versus writing.

KDP publishing means much of the same, more editing, more SEO researching, uploading, cover creation, which for publishing means the back and spine, which also means writing book descriptions and listings.

Hanging out with people means my social energy is lower so I can’t always do much after that.

Gaming is easy enough to do, but if I want to record myself, I have to cue all of the programs up, make sure my lighting is good, or that the OBS is recording the correct monitor. It also means deciding if Discord will be included or not…and then of course AFTER all of that, editing the footage, hard to do when the MacBook is still down, and I don’t like using anything but iMovie for my editing.

Writing creatively means I write, but I would have to invest hours, which add up to days weeks months and maybe years, of other work, in editing, storyline checking, editing, cover generation, editing, finding the right format or platform, editing…As you can tell, editing takes up plenty of time, and then there is everything else that goes into being a one-woman publishing house.

Making audio books means even more effort on the publishing side of it, plus audio editing, mixing, researching, uploading, putting it in the right place, loading it with the right meta data and SEO usage…

Making a podcast would be just like that as well, plus making story lines. And as I prefer podcasts with a video element, so that adds more set up, more editing, more uploading and all that goes with it, etc.

I say all of this to say I am mostly alone in trying to do all of these things, and I can’t hope to do all of it in one day. I have to make days for doing each thing, if I want to do it all.  

So, I don’t really know what the point of this blog really started as, but it basically comes down to this: I am actively working on how to best achieve my goals, and that has involved hard assessments of what I want and need, and how to sustainably work towards those goals.

The Flake City project I am working on, henceforth called FCM, is gonna take time, but I don’t want to take time from any of the other things I am working on, including my personal development, my blog, my efforts to have better mental and physical health.

So, building on my efforts to get over my fear of failure (and also success), building on my “writing down my goals to hold myself accountable”, I have landed here.

I know what I want and need to do, and I know I can’t do it all every day, so now I need to work on putting different tasks on different days. From there, it is a matter of building the right systems and methods, for each day, to make my goals a reality.

So, use this blog as a moment to assess what your own needs and wants are for your goals, and let me know if you are chasing your goals and dreams.

Thanks for reading!


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